CIEX’s ‘Cinema’ selected by Time magazine’s ‘Best K-Pop Song’ ‘Serenade that transcends time.’

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‘Cinema’ of group CIX was selected as ‘Best K-Pop Song’ by Time Magazine in the US.

Time magazine, an American weekly magazine, announced ‘The Best K-Pop Songs and Albums of 2021’ on the official website on the 8th (local time).

Time magazine selected ‘Cinema,’ released by CIX in February, as the ‘best K-pop song’ and said, “The camera is spinning from the first moment., a five-member group romance with the voice of ‘Ready, Action!’ A bright synth note begins with a metaphor for the film,” he explained.

4th EP album Hello Chapter Ø. The title song ‘Cinema’ of ‘Hello, Strange Dream’ (4th EP Album HELLO Chapter Ø.’ Hello, Strange Dream’) is about the beautiful days before all the events happened. The up-tempo rhythm and upbeat melodies that fit the song’s theme clearly show another charm of CIX, unlike the dreamy and intense music of the past, and have been well received by listeners.

CIX recently promoted their first full-length album, “OK’ Prologue: Be OK.’ This album succeeded in topping the Bugs real-time music chart and standing in line, and set its record by breaking 110,000 copies in Initial Chodong sales. In addition, it swept the top spots on iTunes album charts in many overseas regions such as Israel, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, and Indonesia, thereby achieving a career-high and solidifying it’s global position.

On the other hand, CIX is currently communicating with fans through various content, and on the 18th, they plan to spread their good influence by attending the online K-pop concert ‘WE ALL ARE ONE’ to support the global village.

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