‘March Mubit Idol’ Omega X-Rocket Punch Meets MC Eunbi Kwon ‘Mubit Live’ scramble on the 26th

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‘Everything for Global K-Pop Fans’, Mubit Live, will be held on the 26th.

Omega X and Rocket Punch, which were selected as the Mubit idols of March, announced the appearance of Mubit Live.

In the first part of March Mubit Live, which will be held at 6 pm on the 26th, Omega X, which is showing an emotional reversal charm with the recently recorded song ‘LIAR’, is actively making a comeback with the new song ‘CHIQUITA’ in the 2nd part, which will be held at 9 pm. Rocket Punch, which is continuing its activities, meets with fans.

Omega X, which is showing a step worthy of the modifier of ‘big monster rookie’ through active global activities, is known to have won the ‘New Male Artist’ category at the 2021 Mubit Awards, raising expectations for Mubit Live and the extraordinary chemistry it will show.

Rocket Punch, announcing a hot comeback in February, was selected as the Mubit Idol of March, proving its unquenchable popularity with the excellent news that pre-sale tickets for the first face-to-face fan meeting in 2 years and five months were sold out.

With the support of Eunbi Kwon, ‘Woollim Senior’, the fourth mini-album ‘Yellow Punch’, showing a chic charm, raises questions about whether Rocket Punch will offer a new look through life.

Submit Live is a monthly mini fan meeting live broadcast where domestic and foreign fans and artists communicate across language barriers. The artist selected as the ‘Mubit Idol of the Month’ appears as a guest.

In the last broadcast, OnlyOneOf and Billy communicated with fans and showed off their sense of entertainment through the Q&A corner, where they answered questions left by global fans and the game corner prepared by Mubit.

Mubit, a global K-pop platform, provides a service where you can easily find the music broadcast videos of Korea’s representative broadcasters by artist, member, and album in one place.

In addition, global pre-voting for music broadcasts through fan-sim activities, fandom advertisements where you can celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of artists you support through mubit apps and subway advertisements, K-pop quizzes to test your K-pop virtues, and live performances It provides various functions for the K-pop fandom, such as Mubit Live, which broadcasts the site live globally.

On the other hand, Mubit started beta service in Brazil in April 2018 and continued its active service in Europe and the United States, then started service in Southeast Asia in 2019 and Korea in January 2020.

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