‘Comeback after 8 months’ Cipher’s comeback showcase was held at K-Pop Click on the 11th Dedicated channel open

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While boy group Ciipher announced a comeback with a new album in 8 months, making global fans excited, a comeback showcase will be held on K-POP CLICK, a comprehensive K-POP content platform.

Cypher will release the third mini-album ‘THE CODE’ through various online music sites at 6 pm on the 11th and start full-fledged comeback activities with the title song ‘FAME’. ‘The Code’ is predicted to show Cypher’s seven identities in a dreamy atmosphere harmonized with a pounding melody, and Cypher is expected to continue the story of seven colours of music by unravelling hidden codes through ‘The Code’ activities.

Earlier, Cypher announced their comeback by releasing a video of Coming Soon full of unknown code and a scheduler with a mysterious atmosphere. Painted. Here, bold movements across the maze and flashing pupils harmonize with the split beats, leading to a dynamic composition, and enhancing the sense of immersion.

Cypher will hold the 3rd mini-album “The Code” showcase “Ciipher 3rd MINI ALBUM #THECODE SHOWCASE” online and offline with K-Pop Click on the release date at 7 pm.

In the comeback showcase on the 11th, the comeback was held by sharing various stories in real-time, including the first release of the title song ‘FAME’ of the 3rd mini album “THE CODE”, the introduction of the album in which the Cypher members participated in writing and composing, and behind the scenes of the work. We plan to communicate with the long-awaited global fans.

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