Sejeong Kim releases a sweet remake song for ‘Baby I Love U.’

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Kim Se-Jeong joins the summer music industry with a love song.

On the 23rd, Sejeong Kim released a new song, ‘Baby I Love U’ with the global music platform ‘Municon’ and made a comeback as a singer after four months. ‘Baby I Love U’ is a K-pop version of the hip-hop love song released by TEE.

The original song took the top spot on various music charts and recorded 35 million views on YouTube, gaining tremendous popularity. In addition, it is a global mega-hit that surpassed 10 million downloads in cumulative sales through remakes by world-class artists such as Australian singer Che’Nelle and British band Mamas Gun.

‘Baby I Love U,’ sung by Kim Sejeong, is arranged and produced by Iconic Sounds, which has collaborated with representative K-pop artists such as BoA, Girls’ Generation, EXO, and NCT reinterprets the original song’s exciting lyrics and addictive melody. Did. Kim Se-Jeong will present her unique clear tone and excellent singing ability.

Kim Se-Jeong, who is actively working as a solo singer and actress, is a music powerhouse in the music industry ranked first on various music charts since her first solo song, ‘Flower Road,’ released in 2016. Since then, he has been solidifying his music color by performing ‘Tunnel,’ ‘Plant,’ ‘Whale,’ and the title song ‘Warning (Feat. all boi)’ from the second mini-album in March.

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