Comeback’ Jeon So-Yeon, self-composed restaurant ‘Windy’ How to enjoy it more deliciously

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OSEN = Reporter Lee Seung-hoon The music industry is already hot with the news of Jeon So-yeon’s solo comeback in July.

Jeon So-Yeon, the group (G)I-DLE leader and an all-rounder artist with the ability to write lyrics, compose, and produce. From the debut title song ‘LATATA’ to ‘Han,’ he writes a new history in K-pop with his unique musical talent and genius sense.

Jeon So-yeon’s new album ‘Windy’ is from the rock/hip-hop genre title song ‘BEAM BEAM,’ which expresses the sun shining down, to the unreleased song ‘Weather’ that fans have been waiting for, ‘Quit’ for everyone to enjoy, It consists of tracks of various genres, such as ‘Psycho’ with an impressive beat and lyrics, and ‘Is this bad b number (Feat. BIBI, Youngji Lee)’, which shows the chemistry of Generation Z.

Jeon So-yeon’s first mini-album ‘Windy,’ welcoming the hot summer, is announcing the official opening news, making the mouths of famous song lovers again. Here are three combinations that can make eating her self-composed songs more fun and delicious.

Joining #SummerSong Daejeon → Presence ‘Beam Beam’

Jeon So-Yeon chose a summer song.

The title song ‘BeamBeam,’ which combines rock and hip-hop to raise the atmosphere of a hot summer simultaneously as hip-hop, will undoubtedly show a shining presence among the summer songs that I love in the pouring summer comeback battle.

Jeon So-yeon’s new song ‘BeamBeam’ is more anticipated than the self-composed songs he has shown so far. Previously, Jeon So-Yeon boasted a wide range of musical abilities, including (G)I-DLE’s debut song ‘LATATA,’ ‘Han (一),’ ‘Flame,’ ‘Dumb Dum D,’ and ‘lion.’ It has received a lot of love from global fans and listeners.

This album also includes the title song ‘BeamBeam,’ as well as the songs that contain Jeon So-yeon’s unique musical color and sensibility to complete an album of various genres. Jeon So-yeon’s ‘Windy’ raises expectations for the birth of an all-time great solo album in the summer of 2021.

1020 Wannabe star ‘Soyeon Jeon.’

No one pushes the energy emanating from Jeon So-yeon’s tiny body. Jeon So-Yeon is at the center of ‘Artist,’ one of the sensitive professions, and accepts the fastest changes. The recently opened personal SNS is being talked about among 1020 generations every day. It can be seen that the confident expression and kitsch but stylish fashion are all united with unique charm.

Also, to captivate the MZ generation, doing one thing well must be superior in all aspects. Jeon So-Yeon, who has met such a part, quickly establishes herself as a wannabe star of the 1020 generation. Jeon So-Yeon, twenty-four this year, is a leader and rapper of the global K-pop group (G)I-DLE, an all-rounder artist who writes, composes, and produces everything. In a word, he has a versatile ability that is impossible to do.

In particular, this album, which foreshadows a collaboration with representative icons of the MZ generation, Lee Young-Ji, and BB, is expected to bring out the cheers of 1020 listeners. Jeon So-Yeon is scheduled to take over the music industry once again with her unique concept and charm.

Jeon So-yeon’s daughter ‘Windy.’

Jeon So-yeon’s first mini-album ‘Windy.’ It is also fun to find Jeon So-yeon’s sub-character ‘Windy’ emotions throughout the album.

Windy with a strong face and a cute appearance. Instead of vegetables, he likes hamburgers with a stimulant flavor filled with french fries and stands for a more honest and free-spirited character than anyone who enjoys boarding.

Jeon So-Yeon, who completely transformed into Windy at the age of 24, invited fans to her worldview, including the album artwork for this new album and the album package reminiscent of a fast-food box.

In addition, we plan to continue this activity with a diverse and original worldview and concept, such as holding a grand opening ceremony for ‘Windy Burger’ along with the release of the album on July 5. Many who have been waiting for Jeon So-yeon’s new album, ‘Windy,’ released on July 5, will be remembered as the most refreshing taste this summer.

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