ASTRO’s ‘After Midnight’ tops iTunes Top Song Chart

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The title song ‘After Midnight’ of ASTRO’s 8th mini-album ‘SWITCH ON,’ released on the 2nd, immediately after its release, was on the iTunes ‘Top Song’ chart in Mexico Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, etc. 1 in 5 countries. On the ‘K-Pop Songs’ chart, it once again proved its popularity by taking first place in 7 countries, including Malaysia, Mexico, Switzerland, Singapore, Argentina, Chile, and Poland.

The album ‘SWITCH ON’ achieved the record of being number one in five countries including Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Chile, and Peru on the ‘Top Albums chart, and ranked at the top in ten countries including Denmark, Sweden, Singapore, and Poland. On the ‘K-Pop Album’ chart, ASTRO ranked first in 20 countries and regions, including the US, UK, Japan, France, Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Brazil, and Sweden, proving ASTRO’s rising popularity and global influence.

On the day of release, it ranked first on the Bugs Music Chart and succeeded in lining up the charts for the included songs, announcing the return of Summer King, who came back full of freshness. ‘SWITCH ON,’ music written and composed by all members and contains a unique color as an artist, has captured the hearts of fans and is receiving a hot response not only in Korea but also abroad.

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