Ive, ‘LOVE DIVE’ US Billboard British NME Dazed selected ‘2022 K-Pop Best Song.’

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‘MZ Wannabe Icon’ Ive proved his global popularity by listing his name in the 2022 K-pop settlement list of leading overseas media.

Ive (IVE, Ahn Yu-jin, Ga-Eul, Lay, Jang Won-young, Liz, and Yiseo) recently released their second single title song ‘LOVE DIVE’ and third single title song ‘After LIKE’ to American music media outlets. It is drawing attention as it was selected as the best K-pop song of 2022, announced by Billboard, British music magazine NME, British fashion magazine DAZED, etc.

First, Ive’s songs ‘Love Dive’ and ‘After Like’ were ranked 2nd and 21st, respectively, in ‘The 25 Best K-Pop Songs of 2022: Staff Picks’ selected by Billboard officials.

Billboard selected Ive’s two songs out of 25 K-pop songs and said about Ive, “Starship Entertainment’s Ive, who debuted as Eleven at the end of 2021, became the fastest and most promising girl group in K-pop.” I collected them, but through ‘Love Dive,’ my popularity increased.”

After first appearing on the US Billboard chart on December 18 last year with his debut song ‘ELEVEN,’ Ive has been continuously entering the charts without gaps with ‘Love Dive’ and ‘After Like.’

The second single title track, ‘Love Dive,’ entered the ‘Billboard Global (Excl. US)’ chart for 29 consecutive weeks, making it the longest-running chart among K-pop girl group songs released this year. ‘, and ‘After Like’ was also listed on the latest chart of ‘Billboard Global (excluding the US / highest ranking 9th)’ on December 24 and succeeded in entering for 17 consecutive weeks.

In addition, Ive’s ‘After Like’ ranked 4th, and ‘Love Dive’ ranked 6th in ‘The 25 best K-pop songs of 2022’ selected by the British music magazine NME. In the ‘Best K-Pop Track of 2022’ chosen by the British fashion magazine Dazed, ‘Love Dive’ was also selected as the second best ‘Best K-Pop Track of 2022’, drawing attention. Media critics continued to give favorable reviews, citing the confident yet captivating sound of ‘Love Dive’ and ‘After Like’ as a success factor.

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