Installation of night scenery sculptures on ‘K-Pop Star Street’ in Gwangju

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A night landscape sculpture will be installed on the K-pop street in downtown Chungjang-ro, Gwangju.

Gwangju City announced on the 3rd that it would secure 350 million won from the government and install a media façade on the K-pop street.

Media façade is a combination of media and façade, meaning the exterior wall of a building, and uses lighting on the exterior wall to create images.

With the cooperation of the Youth Life Design Center, Gwangju City plans to embroider the exterior walls and walls of alleyways with light.

There is a large mural and fan message sculpture in this alley that symbolizes J-Hope, a member of BTS from Gwangju.

The handprints and cherished items of 50 people, including Sunmi, Chungha, Stacey, Monsta X, and ATEEZ, were also on display.

Gwangju City has decided to set up permanent stages in various places to reflect the recent street dance craze.

Kim Seong-bae, head of Gwangju Tourism Promotion Division, said, “Last year, through a fan art contest, we laid the foundation for participatory tourism resources such as promoting the street to domestic and foreign fans. Said.

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