Medic Bio NK enters bio metaverse business Signed MOU with Beauty Bakery.

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Subsidiary Medic BioNK enters the bio metaverse business.

On the 29th, Medic BioNK announced that it had signed an MOU with Beauty Bakery, promoting the new blockchain platform ‘LOTT Project’ for the Metaverse business.

Medic BioNK and Beauty Bakery plan to combine bio and medical technology with the blockchain platform, virtual currency, non-fungible token (NFT), and metaverse business through this agreement.

Beauty Bakery is promoting the ‘LOTT Project,’ a new blockchain platform business, along with its primary business, the beauty brand business. ‘LOTT Project’ is a payment platform implemented online by combining NFT technology with K-BEAUTY and K-POP. With the ‘LOTT token,’ it is possible to pay for products in the metaverse ecosystem linked to the ‘LOTT platform,’ and it is expected to be available for use in external offline stores in the future.

Beauty Bakery is promoting the ‘LOTT Project’ jointly with Softec Corporation, a company specializing in developing blockchain platforms and IT solutions. Softek Corporation announced on the 22nd that it would conduct a private sale of ‘LOTT tokens’ in cooperation with Beauty Bakery in Europe and Japan.

Medic BioNK is an affiliate of Daechang Solutions, a KOSDAQ-listed company, researching anticancer immunotherapy using NK cells. It is developing an anticancer drug after acquiring the license for ‘Anticancer immune cell therapy using NK cells from the Southeast Atomic Energy Medical Institute. It can increase NK cells in large quantities and is preparing for a commercial clinical phase 1 indication for pancreatic cancer.

Min-Seok Kim, CEO of Medic Bio NK, said, “The metaverse era is rapidly accelerating due to movement restrictions triggered by COVID-19. I will lead,” he said.

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