Does Rolling Stone Korea unveil Jeon So-Yeon’s column? Who the hell can bear that crown?

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Rolling Stone Korea has published a column highlighting the dignified move of ‘Soyeon Jeon,’ the leader of (G)I-DLE.

This column, published by K-pop columnist Isak Choi, deals with Jeon So-Yeon’s music, her attitude revealed in the music, and the new biography of a K-pop female idol reinvented through her and named Jeon So-Yeon, the king of K-pop.

In particular, looking back on the heroic competitiveness of Jeon So-Yeon, who always shows explosive energy in competition, she looks back on the moments in which the stages she showed in the competition program won the match.

Writer Isak Choi said, “Jeon So-Yeon is neither a queen nor a king. He is the king of K-pop. If you ask why Jeon So-Yeon is the emperor, I will answer this. If not for Jeon So-Yeon, who else would be able to bear the crown?”, revealing So-Yeon Jeon’s praise for her past and her expectations for the future.

A column about K-pop emperor Jeon So-Yeon can be found on the official website of Rolling Stone Korea, and Rolling Stone Korea No. 6 can be purchased at various online and offline bookstores and company malls, starting with the publication on the 6th.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone Korea No. 6, which became a bestseller in the magazine category along with its publication, featured on the cover actor Byung-Hun Lee, singer Billy, singer Min-Jong Kim on the 30th anniversary of his debut, So-Yeon Kang, Ye-Won Ahn, Jin-Taek Oh, Si-Hoon Oh, and a dance crew who appeared in Solo Hell. World Fame Us, CEO Kim Se-Gyu, Kunta, Gong So-won, Just B, Lee Eun-sam, Rolling Quartz, Sunwoo Jung-ah, Big One, Yong-Yong, 250, etc. You can find honest interviews and unique pictorial images.

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