Ive and K-Pop Radar are also calm. 1st place for two weeks in a row

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The 4th generation representative girl group IVE took the top spot on the K-Pop Radar music video weekly chart for two weeks with the new song ‘LOVE DIVE’.

Ive’s ‘Love Dive’ music video recorded 13.3 million views during the 16th week of K-Pop Radar’s counting period (April 10, 2022 – April 16, 2022), recording a high number of pictures despite the second week of its release.

As a result of K-Pop Radar’s analysis, Korea accounted for 25.2% of the views of I’ve videos posted on YouTube, followed by Japan with 12.4%, Indonesia with 7.1%, and the Philippines with 5.6%, and Vietnam with 5.6%.

K-Pop Radar said, “They are showing great popularity both in Korea and abroad.

The ‘Weekly Fandom Chart’, which reveals artists who recorded large-scale fandom expansion, also drew attention. This week’s 16th-week fandom, carStray Kids, selected as K-Pop Radar’s ‘Artist of the Month’ last week, rose two places on Spotify.

In addition, it was confirmed that Le Seraphim, who is scheduled to debut as a new girl group under Hive’s Source Music, entered 8th place on the Twitter chart and is receiving a lot of attention even before their debut.

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