K-Pop Star’s ‘Fighting’ Taegeuk Warriors are excited.

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K-pop stars are also participating in the performance of the Korean athletes participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They do not spare a message of support for the national team players to do well. In addition, they are reaffirming the global status of K-pop by showing their songs in various stadiums.

BTS member V cheered for Shin Yu-bin (17, Korean Air), the youngest member of the table tennis team. Shin Yu-bin drew attention at home and abroad by beating Nishiian (58, Luxembourg), an old-timer, in the second round of the women’s singles on the 25th.

On the same day, on the fan community platform Weverse, an interview video of V’s fan Shin Yubin listening to BTS’ songs before the game was uploaded, and V posted a comment saying “Fighting” and a thumbs-up emoticon. When Newsweek, an American weekly magazine, reported this, the two drew global attention with a different meaning.

Solar gave Ansan (20, Gwangju Women’s University) strength, who won two archery titles, including the women’s team event. It was in response to his fan Ansan wearing Mamamoo’s badge while playing. Solar greeted her on social media, saying, “Ansan-nim, when you come to Korea, you will take it and run away.” Ansan replied, “No, is this a dream? Why am I in the story of Yongseon unnie (Solar’s ​​real name)? It’s ridiculous. I can’t believe it,” he said.

Seon-woo responded to the fan sentiment of Eun-Ji Ham (24, Wonju City Hall) in the weightlifting women’s 55 kg class. When he posted a picture of his character doll on social media, he said through Fan Platform Universe, “You worked so hard, and I’m proud. Thank you,” he replied.

Yeji also cheered for the player who was her fan. On the 29th, Hwang Seon-woo (18, Seoul Chego High School) was the first Korean to compete in the Olympic swimming 100-meter freestyle final and fifth. When Yeji revealed that Hwang Seon-woo was her fan, she sent a message through SNS on the 27th, along with a photo of a finger heart, saying, “Fighting the finals, I will cheer for you too!” Hwang Seon-woo responded with an emoticon covering his mouth as if expressing his emotion.

K-pop groups cheer their players with songs.

BTS provided the music videos for ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ (PTD) free of charge to the online Team Korea House of the Korea Sports Council. Team Korea House was operated on-site during the Olympics for national publicity and support for the national team. Still, this time it is being presented online due to the global pandemic of infectious diseases.

BTS will screen a music video at the VR exhibition hall. Brave Girls, Mamamoo, Oh My Girl, ASTRO, and ATEEZ, are also cheering for the music video.

K-pop songs also resonate in the stadium. This is a scene that shows the global status of K-pop. In the men’s volleyball match on the 28th, EXO’s ‘DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING,’ TWICE’s ‘Alcohol-Free,’ and ATEEZ’s ‘I’m The One’ back came out.

The songs of BTS were not left out either. ‘Butter’ in the women’s volleyball match between the US and China, and ‘PTD’ in the men’s gymnastics parallel bar field, prayed for the success of each player.

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