Espa, K-Pop Radar’s ‘Artist of the Month’

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Among the 4th generation idols, the girl group aespa, which enjoys the most popularity, was selected as the ‘artist of the month’ by the K-pop radar in October.

On the 22nd, K-Pop Radar said, “Espa’s ‘Savage’ music video set a record of exceeding 10 million views in just 13 hours of release.” said

The K-Pop Radar side said, “The music video for ‘Savage’ reached 100 million views within a month of its release, and ‘Next Level,’ the previous work, also surpassed 10 million views in a month, and is still proud of its popularity.” told the reason.

In addition to the actual music video of Espa, the SNS indicators also showed the side of the strongest K-pop without fail. Espa’s official Instagram followers increased by about 580,000 in October, exceeding the cumulative number of 5.88 million followers.

In addition, according to a survey conducted through ‘Blip,’ an app service for K-pop fandoms, the best part of ‘Savage’ selected by fans was “Oh my gosh, Don’t you know I’m a savage?”.

In addition, ‘Savage,’ the title song’s title song, ‘No.1’, ‘Youngtong Fansa,’ and ‘Nolto’ were selected as popular keywords for Espa, confirming the popularity of Espa in various aspects.

On the other hand, K-Pop Radar is a music start-up that introduced “Duckmate, Blip,” a fan platform receiving a hot response from the K-pop fandom for the music industry. It is a service that was opened free of charge. Currently, it provides changes in real-time music video views, YouTube subscribers, Twitter, Instagram followers, etc., of 654 domestic teams in the form of a website. It has been creating a topic by releasing the ‘K-Pop World Map’ every year. There, especially last year, the official partner agreement with Twitter announced a 10-year growth graph and the status of K-Pop.

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