‘Kochikame’ Ryo-san x Lemon’s 3 Impressive Times ‘No Human’ will change!

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There are many moving times! There is no loss in the appearance of the pseudo-jewel family! ??

The new comic volume 201 of Osamu Akimoto’s masterpiece “Here Katsushika Ward Kameari Koenmae Hakkosho” was released in October 2021 and is attracting attention again.

Known as “Kochikame,” this work is a gag manga developed by Kankichi Ryotsu, a rugged police officer who works at the Kameari Koenmae police station, with his colleagues and people around him. On the other hand, it is a famous work known for having many “impressive times” that cannot be seen without tears.

In introducing the moving times of “Kochikame,” I think the Giboshi family cannot be separated even if it is cut. The pseudo-home family runs a long-established high-class sushi restaurant, “Cho Kanda Sushi,” and continues to preserve the traditional taste, led by the active Natsuharuto, who is over 100 years old. He is a relative of the Ryotsu family. Natsuharuto is the sister of both grandfathers. Both of them didn’t know such a fact. A police officer at the Katsushika police station had a relationship with the eldest daughter of super Kanda sushi, Matoi, on the verge of marriage.

The times when such a pseudo-treasure family character appeared were very popular with fans, and there were many emotional times. The episode in which Matoi’s younger sister, Lemon, a kindergarten child, appears is viral. This article picked up three emotional episodes related to Ryotsu and Lemon from the TV anime version. I want to introduce you to the charms of both of them, whose personalities and personalities change when it comes to lemons, even though they are usually useless people.

Animation Episode 209 “Super Kindergarten Lemon”

First of all, the episode “Super Kindergarten Lemon” where the Lemon first appeared. Matoi tries to hold a homemade bento eating party with her colleague at her Katsushika police station but forgets her bento. It was her younger sister, Lemon, who appeared with the bento that she had forgotten.

When Matoi and Ryotsu picked up the Lemon, they said, “Is Kankichi Ryotsu the worst man in the Ryotsu family you were listening to?” “The face and the way he speaks are vulgar.”, The impression is the worst encounter with both of them.

Lemon has an excellent taste that is said to be “one person in 100 years,” according to the matoi. So, when they take them to a ramen shop where they fought with their arrogant husband before, Lemon points out the shortcomings of the ramen taste. The arrogant master bowed, saying, “I’ve seen it!”, And both of them became utterly comfortable and fell in love with the Lemon.

They both sent the Lemon to “Super Kanda Sushi,” but the lemon cherished shoes were thrown away because they were “dirty and too small to wear.” Until then, lemons behaved like adults without changing their facial expressions, but they show a kindergarten-like side that sheds tears and is shocked. Both of them hold a lemon and start looking for shoes hard.

When I asked the garbage cleaner I met on the road, “It’s turned into ash in the incinerator by this time,” they still hurried to the garbage collection point, saying, “It’s OK! Don’t cry! When they arrive at the collection point, they jump into a pile of garbage and find their shoes at the risk of their lives. “Thank you, Kankichi! Bye-bye!” To both of them who sent them to their homes again, and the Lemon said, “I saw the lemon laughing so brightly for the first time.” It was an episode in which the impressions of both of them, who had a bad encounter with Lemon, changed a lot.

“I want a father like both of you!” “Good times” full of moving scenes
Animation Episode 229 “Lemon’s Father Visit Day”

Although both of them are usually just angry with Director Ohara, it is a moving time that makes me feel reliable, “I want a father like both of them!”. The story begins with the scene of a lemon laughing happily at both of them who came to work part-time at “Super Kanda Sushi.” You can see from the beginning that Lemon loves both of them.

One day, when both of them returned to the store, they passed each other with a lemon that jumped out of the store, saying, “Father’s liar!”. After all, my father, who was supposed to attend the kindergarten’s father’s visit day, couldn’t get out of his back. There, both of them pick up the Lemon that ran away, saying, “OK! I’ll come out instead.”

Lemon, who was rowing a swing alone in the park, smiled with a big smile, “Eh! Will Kankichi come instead !?” When both of them asked, “Do you hate me instead?” Lemon happily shakes his head. When he said, “If so, go home and prepare for the kindergarten,” Lemon stands on the swing and jumps to their chests. Two people are laughing, “Haha! Lemon player 10.0!” … The appearance is like a natural parent and child. The BGM “Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter” flowing in the background is even more moving.

However, when both of them attended the class, they repeatedly made embarrassing remarks from the back of the classroom, and Lemon turned his face down on the desk. Then, in the middle of the class, the father of Akira-kun, a classmate of Lemon, who dressed like a flashy one, came in from the classroom’s back door. Both of them and Akira’s father are acquainted with each other and talk about it.

Then, the kindergarten children saw the flashy appearance saying, “Akira’s dad, that’s it!” When Lemon cares about Akira-kun, who looks disgusted and disgusted, both of them scold the kindergarten children who play with Akira-kun, saying, “Don’t make people tease with clothes or clothes!” “I’m an entertainer in Asakusa. That’s a uniform.” “Akira, your father is doing a good job. You also have pride!” It will be a good study that is different from the original class, and it seems that Lemon will be proud of the behavior of both of them with a smile.

At the end of the story, when the Lemon was delivered to “Super Kanda Sushi,” the Lemon said to the matoi, “If the matoi is Kankichi, the lemon can be your wife.” Increasingly, Lemon was an episode that proved to be a favorite of both of them.

For kindergarten children and lemons, the number one consultant is … Ryotsu!

Anime Episode 252, “Become a Lemon Sister”

It is a moving time when a younger sister is born in a matoi and a lemon, and the Lemon becomes a little adult.

Lemon visits the police box where both are alone, but they are not there because they were on patrol (going to a pachinko parlor). Colleagues Nakagawa and Reiko say, “I’ll be back soon, so I should wait,” but Lemon will be back.

In the evening, when both of them won a big win with a slingshot and passed in front of the park with many prizes, there was a memorable lemon. When asked why, he says, “Kankichi … Can I be a lemon and an older sister?” In fact, in the daytime, Lemon met her classmate in the city to comfort her sister’s baby, hugged her, and made her cry. That made her lose her confidence as an older sister, and she rushed to the police box where both of her was. Ryotsu is the number one consultant for lemons, and you can see how big they are for lemons.

Towards the Lemon that lost confidence, both of them said, “Is that what made you depressed?” And sat down in the same line of sight as the Lemon, saying, “It’s OK. I can be a good sister. I guarantee.” Tell.

On the day of labor pains for her mother, Lemon picks up her midwife by herself while looking at her map. They both follow the midwife from behind to watch her as a full-fledged “sister,” but the Lemon goes on the wrong path and moves away from the midwife’s house. So both of them followed with that hand. Lemon was able to successfully call the midwife.

When it comes to lemons, both of them cannot be left alone. I think many viewers immediately fell in love with both of them, who became good people. The episodes of Lemon and Ryotsu’s crossing are all impressive.

As mentioned above, we have picked up three works from the TV anime version of the emotional times related to Ryotsu and Lemon. In addition, there are still more moving times that I would like to introduce, such as the episode “Ryotsu and Lemon Kyoto Futari Journey,” where Ryotsu and Lemon went to Kyoto together, and the manga version “The day when Lemon cried.”

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