Gwangju Tourism Foundation organizes the ‘K-Pop Fan Art’ contest.

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The Gwangju Tourism Foundation announced on the 31st that it would accept entries for the ‘2nd K-Pop Fan Art Contest’ from May 2 to 20.

This contest, which is being promoted to create a ‘K-pop fan city created with fans’, is open to any K-pop fan, and fan art creations such as illustrations, sculptures, and crafts are available. It must be submitted along with the documents.

The Gwangju Tourism Foundation selects the final 35 works after screening by a professional jury, including the first document review and the second citizen evaluation committee.

Two million won each for the grand prize (1 person), 1 million won each for the first prize (3 people), 500,000 won each for the excellence prize (4 people), and 200,000 won each for the encouragement prize (15 people).

In addition, the winning works will be permanently exhibited in Fan Zone 3, located in Geumnam-ro 4-ga Station in Gwangju.

Meanwhile, the Gwangju Tourism Foundation plans to introduce various attractions and things to enjoy throughout the year, such as developing the ‘Starlight Tour’ course and K-POP special and regular performances.

◇MVG Group donates 20 million won for the development of Chonnam National University Hospital

Chonnam National University Hospital announced on the 31st that MVG Group, a company in the Honam region, had donated 20 million won to support the development of the hospital.

The donations are used to support medical expenses for low-income patients and develop treatment, research, education, and public health care.

MVG Group has grown into a group since the establishment of Auto Gallery in 2006. It has recently been actively engaged in housing businesses such as the high-tech Sangsang Forest, Chungjang-ro Jungwoo Apelis, and Bongseon-dong Namyang Hutton MVG. CEO Na Dae-woong joined the Honor Society, a club for major donors with more than 100 million won.

◇ Kim Soo-gwan, Director of Administrative Dentistry, delivered 3 million won to

Chosun University Hospital Chosun University Hospital announced on the 31st that Director Kim Su-gwan of the Department of Administrative Dentistry delivered 3 million won for emergency medical expenses through the Korean Red Cross.

This subsidy will be used for treatment costs for inpatients from low-income families in crisis.

Director Kim is known to have delivered emergency medical expenses to help the low-income class who have been confirmed in the prolonged COVID-19 situation.

Director Kim is a member of the Korean Red Cross Honors Club Gwangju No. 10. He is a member of the Social Welfare Community Chest of Korea Honor Society Gwangju No. 37 and Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Green Noble Club No. 4.

◇ Asia Culture Center Foundation, Recruitment of Asian Culture Market Participants The

Asian Culture Center Foundation announced on the 31st that it would recruit local eco-friendly cultural product creators to participate in the 2022 Asian Culture Market Cultural Market in the City by April 8.

The ‘Culture Marketplace in the City’ will be held from May 5 to 8 at the Asian Culture Plaza, Asia Culture Center, to secure a market for local cultural and artistic creators and provide entertainment for citizens.

Participants in the Asian Culture Market are cultural product creators based in Gwangju and Jeonnam, and a total of around 35 teams will be selected.

Product categories include eco-friendly crafts, upcycling cultural products, and zero-waste products. In addition, ten new creator teams are supported with startup, design, branding, and equipment training.

◇Gwangju Cultural Foundation Cultural Nuri Card April Event

The Gwangju Cultural Foundation announced on the 31st that it would hold an event, ‘Happiness of 10,000 Won’ for Munhwa Nuri Card users from April 1 to 30th.

After paying ‘10,000 won or more’ at on/offline Munhwa Nuri Card affiliates nationwide, 50 people will receive a convenience store mobile gift certificate of 5,000 won through a random lottery.

Those wishing to participate in the event can apply through the Gwangju Cultural Foundation website or the Gwangju Culture Nuri blog. The winner announcement will be sent individually via text message on May 4, and any holders of the Culture Nuri Card can participate.

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