World K-Pop Center, ‘K-pop Mecca,’ ‘complete sortie’ at the 2022 Global Entertainment Expo

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[Job Post] Reporter Yeji Kim = The World K-Pop Center, a K-pop training institution, will participate in the 2022 Global Entertainment Expo (from now on referred to as ‘2022 GEE’), which will be held at Hall 10 of the second exhibition hall in Kintex, Ilsan, from November 11 to 12. said to do

The World K-Pop Center provides a variety of products such as a limited-edition autographed CD of KARA Nicole, delivery gift certificates and coffee gift cards, auxiliary batteries made of valuable goods, and eco-friendly tarpaulin bags to those who participate in the World K-Pop Center & K-Pop Click event through the official SNS channel.

It also caught the attention of K-pop fans by saying that it would be given away. However, the World K-Pop Center said, “We hope that visitors to ‘2022 GEE’ will also enjoy K-POP content and enjoy the Expo in a warm and meaningful time through various benefits.”

‘2022 GEE’, co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Bo-Kyun, from now on referred to as the ‘Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) and the Korea Entertainment Producers Association (Chairman Baek-Woon Lim, from now on referred to as ‘The Yeonje-up), is a Rotate Trolley System, Kinetic System LED Bar, Transparent LED, Laser System and other major technologies that have been used only in some recent performances are gathered. In addition, various programs, such as showcases, seminars, cover dances, and company briefings, are presented on the stage. In addition, seminars will be held under three themes: ‘Entertainment ESG management strategy,’ ‘NFT connecting the real world and metaverse,’ and ‘Explore ways to utilize K-content SNS.’ It covers various topics, from environmental issues in the K-entertainment industry to NFT, the core technology of the metaverse era, and ways to utilize SNS platforms to strengthen global competitiveness.

In addition, the ‘Recruit Zone, which was newly established this year, is where job-seeking students can receive one-on-one customized counseling with incumbents and continuous service and continuous communication in response to the employment boom in the entertainment industry getting hotter day by day. Meanwhile, the World K-Pop Center announced that it would not only operate a booth that provides consultation on the K-POP training system and experience events but also scramble to the Recruit Zone to share K-POP industry employment information.

The World K-Pop Center, located in Namsan, Seoul, is an “all-in-one K-pop space” that encompasses all facilities and systems for K-pop training and program production and is attracting attention from global K-pop fans.

The World K-Pop Center was established to nurture and distribute K-Hallyu professional workforce, nurturing stars and experienced trainers who will lead the globalization of Hallyu, and is in charge of the entire process from discovering potential artists to nurturing global artists.

In addition to operating ‘K-POP CLICK,’ a K-pop platform that combines blockchain technology and K-POP content, Seoul Mirae Music School, which nurtures outstanding cultural and artistic talents, and ‘Good Influence’ as a star talent donation and social service organization It is operating a variety of K-POP cultural contents facilities, such as Star Donation, an association that spreads, ‘and Genie Casting, which will showcase the ‘Artist Audition Booth.’

At this ‘2022 GEE’, K-Pop Click, a K-POP content platform under the World K-Pop Center, will broadcast live K-POP performances and artist interviews for two days online.

The ‘Dream Stage,’ which will draw the attention of K-pop fans worldwide, will include AB6IX and YOUNITE, EPEX, and fromis_9, KINGDOM, and KINGDOM for two days. The six idol teams leading K-pop will come out and perform. The performance will be broadcast in real-time on the comprehensive K-POP content platform K-Pop Click, Naver NOW, and SBS Medianet’s YouTube channel, THE K-POP.

In addition, the second edition of ‘Genie Casting,’ a private audition booth equipped with the world’s first NFT function developed independently by Genie ENM, which has the World K-Pop Center as its parent company, will be held at the ‘2022 GEE’ site to celebrate the release.

The World K-Pop Center said, “We plan to provide many K-POP consumers and potential business partners with an opportunity to experience the unique charm and potential of Genie Casting by operating a Genie Casting experience booth for two days.” In addition, he said, “The showcase will be held on a special stage in the hall from 12:30 pm on Saturday, November 12.”

In addition, teenagers from the World K-Pop Center’s exclusive dance crew, WIP, and K-POP Kids Academy will also stand on the stage. At the “K-POP Cover Stage,” which runs from 3:30 pm to 90 minutes, they will perform various stages, from K-pop choreography to cover dances, adding to the excitement of the scene.

On the other hand, all programs of ‘2022 GEE’ can be viewed free of charge through an advance online application on the ‘2022 GEE’ website until the 9th.

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