These 5 Kpop Idols Are Religious, BLACKPINK’s Rose Often Spends A Lot Of Time At Church

Spread the love Living amid popularity as an idol, it doesn’t make the following series of Kpop idols dazzled by the glitter of the entertainment world. Apart from being obedient, they also openly show the public their religious activities.

It is widely known that South Koreans are known to maintain their privacy more often, especially regarding religion. Therefore, not surprisingly, religion is also considered taboo and rarely discussed because it involves privacy.

So, who are religious Kpop idols during their success and fame? Check out the complete list below as quoted from

  1. BIGBANG’s Daesung

Daesung’s obedience to his religion comes from his family. Yes, his family turned out to be church administrators.

No doubt, Daesung regularly reads the Bible, which is his life guide every morning. However, he also admitted that the church was the most comfortable place for him.

Daesung’s manager also said that Daesung usually spends his free time doing church services.


The New Zealand-born artist was previously a member of the choir at a church in Australia. He also often played the guitar and piano while serving at the church.

Many photos of Rose circulating on the internet that show her doing church services.

When she returned to Australia in 2017, Rose spent more time at church. According to Rose, being in the church gives her a sense of calm and peace.

  1. Kim Tae Hee

The wife of actor Rain is known as the “Legendary Sister of Church.” How come? Because there are lots of photos that show Tae-hee praying.

Since childhood, he has joined the Catholic youth community in his church. He is even active in an activity that deepens the knowledge of the Bible.

Kim Tae-hee has even served in the military enlistment camp, you know!

  1. NCT’s Mark

This baby-faced singer always thanks God every time she wins an award.

For example, NCT received the Rookie Awards at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and the 2017 Gaon K-Pop Chart Awards.

In addition, he also often writes quotes from Bible verses at fansign events.

  1. Super Junior’s Siwon

The next Kpop Idol who is obedient to worship is Super Junior’s Siwon. He even claimed to want to be a missionary in the future.

Because the idol, which is called “Mas Agung” in Indonesia, wants to spread the love that he has received so far from his fans. In the future, Siwon wants to share his passion with people in need.

Siwon has also been involved in humanitarian projects titled “You Matter” and “Jonghyun Legacy.”

Those are the five K-pop Idols whose lives are pretty religious despite being successful and famous.

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