Here are K-Pop Idol Ramen Recipes to Spice Up Your Instant Noodles

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Here are K-Pop Idol Ramen Recipes to Spice Up Your Instant Noodles

Instant noodle is a staple in Korea. You may have seen your favorite idols chowing down on some yummy instant ramen. Want to spice up your noodles? Here are some ramen recipes to try!

  1. NCT Chenle

Chile’s ramen recipe is perfect for those who live Chinese dishes! Star with cooking chopped tomatoes in boiling water, crushing the tomatoes with the form to make the broth extra flavorful. He then adds a big tablespoon of Lao Gan Ma, a Chinese hot chili oil. For the noodles, Chenle uses Kang Shi Fu Braised Ramen Noodles.

He adds the noodles, dried vegetables, and the seasoning packet into the boiling water. Chenle cooks the noodles in the broth until it’s almost done, then stirs in a scrambled egg. Plate it up, and voila! The noodles are done!

  1. MAMAMOO Hwasa

Hwasa makes use of Jjapaghetti for her ramen recipe! First, the idol tosses the dried vegetables and the ramen into boiling water, letting it sit until the noodles have separated. She then adds the seasoning packet and cooks until the broth has reduced into a thick sauce that coats the noodles.

Shen then adds a generous amount of truffle oil, making the dish shiny and aromatic, and then puts it in a bowl. What a fancy twist to instant noodles!

  1. GOT7 Mark

While A fan-made mark’s recipe, the dish has been tried and tested by the idol and is therefore eligible to make it on this list! Mark uses

Mark uses cup noodles (usually Ottogi’s Spaghetti Ramen, but any cup of ramen is fine!) and instant rice cakes for his recipe. He first cooks it as instructed in the packaging. Once both are cooked, Mark combined the noodles and the rice cakes, giving it a good mix to make sure the sauce is mixed together. After, Mark adds mini sausages and a generous amount of cheese to the top!

After microwaving that for a moment, or until the cheese melts completely, it is now ready to eat! Simple and filling!


SEVENTEEN’s ramen recipe is not for those who cannot handle spicy food! The boys make use of two instant noodles — the Samyang Chicken Fire Noodles and the Jjapaghetti. First, cut spam thinly. Then, set aside and bring the sauce packets of the two instant noodles. Put in 1/2 of both sauces in a bowl and mix. For those who like their food extra hot, you can add sliced peppers!

In a pan, cook the sliced spam with sliced garlic. After, you can cook your noodles in boiling water. Once it is cooked, add the sauce, the spam, and garlic. You can also add cheese!

  1. GOT7 Youngjae

The second GOT7 member on the list! Youngjae’s recipe is much more straightforward than Mark’s but is just as flavorful!

Start by cooking your noodles in boiling water. Then, in a separate bowl, scramble an egg. Youngjae uses just one, but you can do two! Once the noodles are cooked, add the soup packet and dried vegetable packet (you can use any spicy instant noodle for this recipe!).

Put the noodles in a bowl once done cooking. Youngjae uses the egg yolk as a dip, which is a fun and new way to eat instant noodles!

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