Uijeongbu City leaps forward as a global city through the 2022 Asia Model Festival

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The city of Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, will host the ‘2022 Asia Model Festival in Uijeongbu,’ where you can see Asian national models at a glance. According to the city of Uijeongbu on the 18th, the ‘ 2022 Asian Model Festival in Uijeongbu’ is planned to

be held in October to attract foreign tourists and revitalize the local economy. The Asia Model Festival is a global cultural content that symbolizes Asia’s pop culture and art industry by introducing Asian models and fashion and beauty-related industries to the world and introducing world-class brands and artists to Asia.

The city plans to make Uijeongbu an international city by planning a large-scale festival, including inviting more than 100 world-class models and officials and ambassadors from 25 Asian countries to this event. The festival will be held in a grand way in connection with local events in Uijeongbu for about two weeks.

The model camp planned from October 1 will be held throughout Uijeongbu City. Model Camp is a training camp for representative models from 25 Asian countries, participating in Jeil Market and underground shopping festa during the Happy Road Festival, and conducting a street fashion show in the form of a flash mob.

In connection with the stamp tour, models visit major attractions in Uijeongbu, produce promotional videos for representative tourist destinations, and promote Asian corporate brands in the area. In addition, they plan to visit the Unification Observatory together, wishing for peaceful unification with Asian multicultural families.

In particular, ‘Face of Asia’, which will be held at the Uijeongbu Indoor Gymnasium on October 14th, will compete for the best model position with representative models from each country participating in the final finals through national preliminary competitions from 25 countries. The opening fashion show, individual runway, K-pop celebration performance, runway performance, and awards ceremony will be held.

On the next day, the 15th, the ‘Asia Open Collection’ will be held in the area of ​​Happy-ro, where representative models from each country and citizens of Uijeongbu, such as kids, seniors, and university students, will join each other. Asia’s leading designers and brands will participate in this event, and Uijeongbu-related industries will also participate to experience and promote products. Along with the Happy Road Festival, the event will provide various attractions to the citizens.

On the 16th, the last day of the ‘2022 Asia Model Festival in Uijeongbu,’ the ‘Asia Model Awards’ will be held at the Happy Road and Uijeongbu Indoor Gymnasium.

The event, which is planned as the largest entertainment festival in Asia, will include an awards ceremony for top Asian models and Hallyu stars, a K-pop performance, and a fashion show for famous designers and brands. In addition, the Face of Asia winners will participate in the closing ceremony of the Happy Road Festival and hold a gala show to provide entertainment to the citizens.

Through ‘2022 Asia Model Festival in Uijeongbu’, the city of Uijeongbu expects more than 2,000 content related to Uijeongbu, and more than 100 million views of Uijeongbu city exposure through global influencer SNS, and is expecting a leap forward as a global city.

Kim Dong-Geun, Mayor of Uijeongbu, said, “The Asian Model Festival can become a growth engine for Uijeongbu City by creating various related industries such as fashion and beauty. ” he said.

Earlier, in May 2016, the city of Suwon held the ‘2016 Asia Model Festival in Suwon’ and saw the effect of revitalizing the local economy by increasing domestic and foreign tourists. The number of tourists in Suwon in the first half of 2016 was 3,073,407, an increase of 1,444,000 (88.6%) compared to 2015 (162,9248).

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