High kick without hesitation, K-pop girl group Chunha

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Girl groups such as Black Pink, Ive, and New Jeans (clockwise from top) demonstrate their potential on the K-pop stage. Photo courtesy of YG Entertainment Starship Entertainment Adore

The K-pop girl group Chunha is unfolding.

Recently, a large number of various girl groups have returned to the global K-Pop market, which has been dominated by male idol groups such as BTS and EXO for a while, and started to dominate significant charts.

The top 10 on the main chart ‘Top 100’ of Melon, the largest music site in Korea, was occupied by girl groups and other female singers. K-pop girl groups are raging on music streaming platforms and YouTube worldwide. The summer market is usually considered the ‘peak season for girl groups, but it is attracting attention as it is showing off its strength this year.

Blackpink, the mainstream in the US pop music market,

is leading the popularity of K-pop girl groups by writing the first daily record. After releasing the new song ‘Pink Venom’ for the first time in two years on the 19th, they are writing various records.

‘Pink Venom’ ranked 2nd on Spotify’s ‘Daily Top Songs Global Chart’, the world’s largest music streaming platform, on the 24th (Korean time). It was streamed 5,71687 times. Previously, it was the first time in K-pop history to top this chart for three days in a row. Spotify is one of the major platforms reflected in the US Billboard’s main singles chart, ‘Hot 100,’ and has a significant impact or importance on the overseas pop music market.

On this day, YG Entertainment, the agency of BLACKPINK, analyzed the distribution of Spotify listening on the 19th and 21st. As a result, the country where ‘Pink Venom’ was heard the most was the United States, 3,184,510 times. YG said, “We heard about 11.9% in the United States alone,” and “The United States is also the country where Blackpink’s music is heard the most by extending the counting period to about one month.

The number of listeners is 2,66,830, which accounts for 15.8% of the total.” This figure shows that Blackpink’s main stage has become the American pop music market.

It also broke YouTube records with a music video. According to YouTube statistics on that day, the music video for ‘Pink Venom’ recorded 90 million views within 24 hours of its release.

This is the highest record for a female artist in the ’24 Hours of Views category, breaking the 86.3 million hits of their previous ‘How You Like That.’ At the time of its release, the number of concurrent users was 2,59,962, the highest for a K-pop girl group. After exceeding 100 million views, they have maintained the top spot on YouTube’s ‘Most Viewed Videos’ for four days.

In Korea, Ive and New Jeans’ ‘Two-Top System’

In this year’s rookie girl group market, fierce competition unfolds like no other. Until the year’s first half, Le Seraphim and Ive showed off their unrivaled presence, but New Genes joined, forming a new composition.

After making her debut songs’ Eleven’ and ‘Love Dive’ in succession, Ive released a new album, ‘After Like,’ on the 22nd, starting the third consecutive box office hit. The album sold 460,000 copies on the first day and is currently ranked 3rd or 4th on music sites.

In the meantime, New Jeans has been on the rise by posting their debut album on the US Billboard chart for three weeks. According to the latest chart (August 27) released by Billboard on this day, New Jeans includes ‘Billboard Global’ (excluding the US), ‘Billboard Global 200’, ‘Hitseekers Album,’ ‘World Album,’ ‘Emerging Artist,’ etc. Therefore, it was ranked in a total of 5 charts.

In Melon, where New Jeans ranked first in the ‘Top 100’ with their debut song ‘Attention,’ Black Pink, Girls’ Generation, WSG Wannabe’s unit group Gayaji (G), ITZY, TWICE’s Nayeon, (G)I-DLE, Girls’ Generation, etc. Girl groups dominated the top 10.

In addition, TWICE will make a comeback on the 26th, and Blackpink will release a regular album on September 16, so for the time being, the intense power of the girl group will lead the K-pop market at home abroad.

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