New Jeans, K-Pop Radar’s Rookie of the Month ‘Unbelievable fandom index as a rookie.’

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K-Pop Radar selected Girl group NewJeans as the ‘Rookie of the Month.’

On the 25th, K-Pop Radar selected New Jeans as the month’s rookie for K-Pop Radar in July and said, “They are a girl group that is leading the topic by showing an unbelievable fandom index as a rookie.” With this, New Jeans took first place on the weekly trending chart of ‘K-Pop Radar,’ a chart show dedicated to K-pop that is broadcast across the United States, and is proving that it is a ‘super rookie’ by taking the position of ‘Rookie of the Month.’

New Jeans has gathered topics by releasing music videos for all the songs on the album, including their debut song ‘Attention’ as well as ‘Hype Boy,’ ‘Hurt,’ and ‘Cookie.’

‘Attention’ was the music video with the highest number of views for seven days after release, followed by ‘Cookie.’ According to the number of views by country of New Jeans-related videos analyzed by K-Pop Radar, South Korea accounted for the highest share at 30.9%. The U.S. accounted for 7.6%, followed by Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam, with the highest proportion.

The amount of SNS followers increased and decreased on July 25th, right after the b-side song ‘Heart’ music video was released. However, the number of official Instagram and Twitter followers increased significantly.

The number of YouTube subscribers increased immediately after the studio dance performance video ‘BE ORIGINAL Attention’ released and grown considerably.

With the title song ‘Attention,’ New Jeans has been at the top of the music charts for two weeks and is sweeping the top spot in various music programs.

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