‘Amazing Saturday’ Lee Ha-nui and Park So-dam, actors who are good at matching K-pop

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In ‘Surprising Saturday,’ Lee Ha-nui and Park So-dam went on a variety show, matched the lyrics to Solar’s song, and boasted of her wit.

In ‘Amazing Saturday’ aired on the 28th, Lee Ha-nui and Park So-dam dictated K-pop.

On this day, Lee Ha-nui said, “I felt a sense of shame while looking at my hands. I wondered if this was the case,” he said about getting injured while working on a variety show without sparing his body. I wanted to look forward to it well.”

Park So-dam also said, “I couldn’t hear it well at home. So I wondered if I could hear it well when I came here.” Park So-dam said, “In 2016, he was sitting in the back at the awards ceremony. I liked it. He asked me to take a picture, so I contacted him and did a program together.”

In response, Na-Rae Park said, “I also came to ‘Narae Bar'” and noted that So-dam Park was close enough to come to her house to play. The song to be performed on this day was Solar’s ‘Honey.’ Park Na-Rae and Park So-dam went camping with Sola in an entertainment program, so they were looking forward to it because they were together, but Park So-dam needed to be more confident.

It was impressive that Lee Ha-nui wrote down only the first consonant in the first dictation release. “I didn’t know it would pass so quickly,” he said in embarrassment. Park So-dam also only wrote a little. Also, since I am close with the song’s singer, Solar, I wrote down my feelings of apology, and Boom, who saw this, joked, “It looks like Chaeyeon’s mini homepage.”

Park So-dam couldn’t match the lyrics the most. Kim Dong-Hyun, who is always in last place, was relieved and smiled. After a discussion, the cast members submitted the correct answer: “I’ll approach you as if I’ll give you everything and make you more anxious. Everyone looks at me and sees me.” I inferred the lyrics “Gatabuta,” written by Hanhae, as a lamentation.

But there was a better answer. Afterward, the cast members listened slowly and corrected the lyrics, saying, “Approach me as if I would give you everything. I gave you everything. I want to take it away, and I will take it all. Everyone looks at me, and their eyes turn to honey.” This was the correct answer, and the cast got clam soup and yukhoe gimbap.

Then, a snack game to guess the drama’s title was held. Park So-dam guessed the title of the drama starring Han So-hee. Park So-dam said, “When I was doing this drama, teacher Lee Soon-Jae and I came to see my play. I remember it because I thought it was beautiful.”

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