In front of the world’s tallest building, she was wearing a hijab and singing K-pop Dubai hot spot.

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Dubai’s Han Sang (Korean) and Jeong Sook-Cheon, CEO of Total Resources International, stepped forward as a Hallyu evangelist. The stage is the Dubai Shopping Festival (MOTB, Market Outside).

MOTB is being held at Burj Park in Dubai. The event runs until the end of this month. There is a Korean Pavilion here. The operators are the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Dubai and King Sejong Institute in Dubai.

A cultural promotion hall and a book cafe were installed in the Korean Pavilion. Korean traditional craft making and calligraphy experience, hanbok experience, K-pop dance performance, an exhibition of Korean beauty and K-pop products, and Korean street food tasting were also prepared.

In particular, Netflix’s ‘Squid Game,’ which was successful worldwide, was added as an event. The squid game is attracting attention as it is being played with UAE University’s ‘Best Club’ members who love Korean culture. In addition, as the game combines the squid and the locals’ hamur, it is also being shown as a natural place of cultural exchange.

The Korea Pavilion promotes the products of Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In other words, it is playing the role of an intermediary to help SMEs advance into the Middle East.

Consul General Moon Byung-jun said, “The Dubai Shopping Festival is the best event to promote Korean culture and arts to the Middle East.

The representative of Total Resources International who planned and prepared the event and the director of King Sejong Institute in Dubai said, “Seeing the love of Korea by many foreigners, especially locals in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is so rewarding that working for two weeks without a break at the end of the year does not feel hard. “I’m already drawing in my head what kind of content to prepare for next year,” he said.

After working as a flight attendant at Emirates for nine years, CEO Jeong Sook-Cheon founded an exhibition agent company in Dubai in 2008. In 2009, he established a trading company, Total Resources International. In 2012, the first K-pop showcase in the Middle East was held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

He is a member of YBLN (Young Business Leaders Network). YBLN is a young Korean business network formed at the 2008 World Korean Business Convention, and about 240 entrepreneurs from 36 countries are participating.

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