K-pop idols have a unique voice color that even non-fans can recognize.

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As long as these idols raise their voices, fans or non-fans will immediately recognize them. Their signature unique voice color has long been etched into the public’s mind.

Vocals are one of the critical factors that help idols become impressive in the eyes of the public. In a group, the members all have their color. However, there will be someone who is considered the group’s signature vocalist. They may not be the main vocals, but when they do, even non-fans will recognize them.

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

Although BIGBANG members all have unique voices, G-Dragon is still the most popular voice because of his unique voice color. His signature nasal voice has become the symbol of every BIGBANG song. His cult solo hits like Untitled, 2014, That XX helped him show off his rebellious voice. Even if you’re not a K-pop fan, audiences can still recognize G-Dragon’s voice.

Baekhyun (EXO)

EXO members’ vocals can all be easily distinguished, thanks to their different nuances. However, while many people think that Chanyeol will get the most recognition with his deep voice, Baekhyun is the member with the most distinctive vote in the group. He possesses a masculine and bright voice, which is shown most clearly in the middle. There’s no denying that every time Baekhyun raises his voice, even non-fans will recognize it.


MAMAMOO is famous for his unique singing ability. The members all have good vocals and excellent live singing skills. But when it comes to the unique voice color, netizens think it’s the maknae Hwasa. She impresses with her personality voice, the way she sings as if playing with words and melodies. Hwasa ‘s solo song ” Twit” is loved by the audience, affirming that her voice is rare and hard to find.

Sana (TWICE)

Sana may not be the best vocalist, but her distinctive voice is remembered and loved by the audience. Sana’s trademark lines like “Shy Shy Shy” quickly became mainstream in TWICE’s songs. Therefore, fans think that it will lose a unique element if TWICE’s song lacks Sana’s voice.

Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi and Joy are the two members with the most familiar voices for many people. However, most netizens agree that Seulgi’s thick voice and personality are unique about Red Velvet. When raising her voice, Seulgi gives listeners a feeling of being powerful, mellow, and emotional. Perhaps because of that, her voice became more impressive, attractive and captured the audience’s hearts.


Perhaps, Rosé is the name netizens immediately remember when talking about her unique voice. BLACKPINK members all have their voices, but “Australian roses” are unmistakable. Right from the first days of her debut, the female idol has attracted the public’s attention with her unique voice.

Rosé has a thin voice with perfect vibrato. Grasping that advantage, she has a very new way of handling songs. If you happen to hear music, everyone will quickly recognize Rosé every time she raises her voice. Perhaps because of this, her solo songs like Gone, On The Ground easily make a strong impression on the audience.

These idols gradually become unique and impressive voices that are deeply engraved in the public’s mind. Although they are not fans of the group, as soon as these idols raise their voices, the audience will immediately recognize them.

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