DKZ, ‘Simply K-Pop’ possessed six ‘love thieves’. Born2B refreshing stone

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The group DKZ (decage) moved the global heart.

DKZ (Kyungyun, Sehyeon, Mingyu, Jae-chan, Jonghyun, Kiseok) appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop’, broadcast at 7 pm on the 18th.

DKZ, who went on stage with ‘CRAZY NIGHT’ and the new song ‘Cupid’, who wrote the myth of reverse running, appeared in a casual look full of juice, making the fans’ hearts flutter with their fresh and lively appearance. If you do, the energy that makes you feel good just by looking at it is also radiating and shining on the stage.

In particular, DKZ drew attention by showing off their playful charm in ‘Naughty Calf’s Butt and Horns’, their cool tone and powerful vocals in ‘Love Thief’, and the beauty of six people. DKZ, which evoked a hot reaction with its intense gaze hidden in the playfulness, even presented a choreography that looked like a ruler and captivated the audience’s attention by providing a ‘performance restaurant’-like attraction.

In addition, ‘Concept Master’ DKZ enjoyed the stage with a more relaxed appearance and dominated the scene with DKZ’s unique colour. Afterwards, they gave the ending with a unique pose, causing global fans to enter the world.

DKZ, who returned as boys who move other people’s hearts, is performing various performances with ‘Love Thief’, which contains the narrative of unrequited love where people’s hearts are stolen in pursuit of love. It is continuing its global race by decorating the cover of K-POP Rising on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform.

The six Cupids DKZ, who are bound to fall in love, will be on SBS MTV, SBS FiL ‘The Show’ on the 19th, and MBC M’ Show on the 20th! He will appear on ‘Champion’ and ‘Weekly Idol’.

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