Rookie OCJ Newbis spotlighted in K-pop media.

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The agency reported on the 13th that the rookie idol group OCJ Newbis is receiving attention from K-pop media outlets for their performance before their debut.

Recently, OCJ Newbis received favorable reviews from many media outlets, including Kpop Wise and Selective-Hearing, and Kpopmap, a famous media specializing in K-pop, that they were the only group to sweep overseas global fashion magazines even before their debut, and their charms were reported intensively.

OCJ Newbis received love calls from famous magazines such as Elleman Hong Kong, Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong, and Men’s Uno Hong Kong and conducted photo shoots.

Various media specializing in K-pop diagnosed OCJ Newbis as a next-generation fashion idol that global pictorial brands are paying attention to, so the ensemble with a famous brand stands out.

Kpopmap said, “Not only leader Rex’s unique career majoring in dance, but also a group with various talents, including members who were previously known through various media and new members who are making a debut.” He commented on OCJ Newbies.

OCJ Newbis, recognized for their star potential even before their official debut, is accelerating their preparations to grow into a next-generation star group while receiving attention from global fandom.

OCJ Newbis is a new concept idol group whose concept and color change according to the idea planned by One Cool Jack So Entertainment, and is preparing for their debut next year.

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