Simultaneous on-off ‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK’ lineup from MONSTA X to Ive

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The artist lineup for ‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK,’ held at the World K-Pop Center Crest 72 Glass Hall in Namsan on January 15, was unveiled.

On the 2nd, ‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK’ announced a splendid lineup through the official SNS channel, foretelling rich attractions and sniping global fan hearts.

According to ‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK,’ Jae-Jae (Lee Eun-Jae), famous for the title of ‘Yeonban,’ joins as MC, and MONSTA X, ONEUS, GRAVITY, WOW (Wow), Cipher, and IVE participate in the performance. Here, Seoul Mirae Music Alternative School students and the president Hae-mi Park prepared a particular stage, raising expectations.

In particular, in ‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK,’ the second US full-length album ‘The Dreaming’ has been on the Billboard main album chart for two weeks in a row, continuing the upward trend, with MONSTA X and K-pop (K-pop) It is raising the global heart rate by announcing that Ive, who is shaking the hearts of fans, is with them.

This ‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK’ is a new K-POP festival, and it has the meaning of welcoming K-POP fans who came to meet high-quality content with the launch of the ‘K-POP CLICK’ platform.

‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK,’ which is attracting attention from global fans, will be held simultaneously online and offline three times on January 15, February 19, and March 19, and will be held for K-POP fandoms around the world—serviced for free. Details on participating can be found on the K-POP CLICK official SNS channel on January 3.

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