Ive topped the K-Pop Radar Chart for two weeks in a row! After Korea, Japan, Indonesia, etc., YouTube videos received a hot reaction.

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The 4th generation representative girl group IVE took the top spot on the K-Pop Radar music video weekly chart for two weeks with the new song ‘LOVE DIVE’.

Ive’s ‘LOVE DIVE’ music video recorded 13.3 million views during the 16th week of K-Pop Radar’s counting period (April 10, 2022 – April 16, 2022), recording a high number of pictures despite the second week of its release.

As a result of K-Pop Radar’s analysis, Korea accounted for 25.2% of the number of views by the country for I’ve videos posted on YouTube, followed by Japan with 12.4%, Indonesia with 7.1%, the Philippines with 5.6%, and Vietnam with 5.6%. became

K-Pop Radar said, “They are showing great popularity both in Korea and abroad. More information about Ive can be found on the application for the K-Pop fandom, Blip (https://blip.kr/IVE).

In addition, on this week’s K-Pop Radar music video chart, Dreamcatcher’s ‘MAISON’ took second place simultaneously as the comeback, and EPEX’s new song ‘School 歌’ also ranked 4th at the same time as the comeback. Next, SEVENTEEN’s new song ‘Darl+ing’ and ONEW’s new song ‘DICE’ also ranked 5th and 10th, respectively, showing their undying popularity. The K-Pop Radar music video chart containing detailed data can be found on the K-Pop Radar website.

Following the music video chart, the ‘Weekly Fandom Chart’, which reveals artists who have recorded large-scale fandom expansion, also drew attention.

On the weekly fandom chart for the 16th week, Stray Kids, who had been selected as K-Pop Radar’s ‘Artist of the Month’ last week, climbed two places on Spotify. In addition, LE SSERAFIM, which is scheduled to debut as a new girl group under Hive’s Source Music, entered the Twitter chart at No.

On the other hand, K-Pop Radar is a music start-up that introduced “Blip, Duckmate, Duckmate in My Hand”, a fan platform receiving a hot response from the K-pop fandom for the music industry. It is a free open service. Currently, the number of real-time music video views of 676 domestic teams, YouTube subscribers, Twitter, Instagram followers, etc., is provided on a website. The ‘K-Pop World Map’ has been released every year, creating a topic. In 2020, they signed an official partnership agreement with Twitter and announced the 10-year growth graph and current status of K-pop. In 2021, they announced the 2021 K-pop world map with TikTok and held the first K-pop conference.

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