‘2022 K-Pop World Festival’s preliminary round in Bangladesh

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The ‘2022 K-Pop World Festival’s preliminary round was held in Bangladesh on July 2nd at the I UB auditorium.

For this event, hosted by the Korean Embassy in Bangladesh (ambassador Jang-Geun Lee) in cooperation with IUB, 86 local young people submitted videos of their K-pop performances, and 12 teams selected from them performed on the stage that day.

IUB Vice President Tan Weir Hassan and Bangladesh Korean President Ryu Yong-oh participated as special guests to encourage the participants, and RTV CEO Sied Asik Rahman participated as a judge.

As a result of the contest, ‘Mavericks’ took 1st place, 2nd place went to Savage Girls and La La Larava, and 3rd place went to Rumaisa Islam and the Night Sisters.

The first prize winner will have the opportunity to be judged as a participant in the ‘2022 K-Pop World Festival’ to be held in Changwon, Korea, this fall. The ‘2022 K-Pop World Festival’, co-hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and KBS and sponsored by Changwon City, is the largest in the world, where K-pop fans from all over the world participate.

Korean Ambassador to Bangladesh Lee Jang-Geun said, “Since the K-Pop Contest has been held online for two consecutive years, this is the first face-to-face K-Pop event hosted by the Korean Embassy. I give,” he said.

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