Purple Kiss, Debut 100 Days Feast with K-Pop Fandom App ‘Blip’ ‘Starting Now’

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Girl group Purple Kiss had a memorable time with fans to commemorate the 100th day of their debut.

On the 22nd, Purple Kiss held a live ‘Purple Kiss 100 Days Feast’ to commemorate the 100th day of their debut through the official YouTube channel.

The ‘balance idol’ Purple Kiss, which appeared like a comet with the release of their first mini-album ‘INTO VIOLET’ in March this year, marked their 100th day of the debut, recording splendid results at the same time as their debut.

‘Purple Kiss 100 Days’ was a hot topic with the K-pop fandom app Blip. Blip’s side filled the 100 Days Celebration with the results of the 100th-anniversary cake, as well as the results of the active participation of fans in the app, such as ‘One Hundred Days Thanks’ and ‘Topic Resolution Team.’

Through the app collection, Blip received ‘One Hundred Days’ to celebrate the 100 days of Purple Kiss from domestic and foreign Purple Kiss fans, and nearly 100 fans left their sincere thanks. In this day’s life, the members read the good news one by one and had a pleasant time communicating with the fans.

To commemorate the 100th day of their debut, the Purple Kiss fandom ‘FROLY’ was released. Fans also received a 100th-anniversary gift. On this day’s live, the member directly wrote ‘Flory’ in the already produced ‘100 Days Thanksgiving Graph’, and the scene where the ‘Purple Kiss Graph that rose thanks to Flory’ was completed was also staged.

The ‘Purple Kiss Graph that has risen thanks to Flory’ summarizes the dazzling achievements of Purple Kiss over the past 100 days in one page. Starting with the ‘logo motion video’ that surpassed 1 million views, everything from the girl group’s shortest first pitch record was organized. The growth record for the past 100 days and the distribution of Twitter mentions and the percentage of YouTube by country confirm the trend of Purple Kiss.

Purple Kiss’ fandom ‘Flory,’ who watched the life, responded, “Our Flory is always cheering for you,” “We will be together forever for 1000 days and 10000 days”, “Congratulations on the 100th day and thank you Blip for making a pretty cake” and celebrated the 100th day of Purple Kiss.

Purple Kiss also said, “It’s so new, and I’m looking forward to the future” “I have tears in my eyes looking at the thanksgiving graph, but I want to make beautiful memories with Flory in the future as well.” We shared the joy of celebrating 100 days.

Blip, which created the ‘Blip Data Lab,’ is an app that conveniently helps fans in the music startup Space Audi and currently serves 56 teams.

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