Jeon So-mi was selected as the new artist for ‘Blip,’ a K-pop fanatic secretary

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Singer Jeon So-mi has been selected as a new artist for the mobile app ‘blip’ of ‘K-Pop fanboy secretary.’

‘Blip,’ which provides artists’ schedules, various information, and data, and is receiving enthusiastic responses from the global fandom, recently received an offer from an artist who wants to open to K-pop fans around the world within the app. Among them, Somi Jeon rose to the top 5 in the cumulative number of proposals and became the main character of a new Blip artist.

Jeon So-mi is a representative female solo artist who boasts a topic, such as setting a record of exceeding 100 million views on YouTube for the music video of the title song “XOXO” in her first solo full album and holding a music video with 100 million views for the third time in her career. are active Therefore, many fans are expected to participate even after the ‘Blip’ service is opened.

Jeon So-mi’s Cotton Bunch fandom can enjoy more convenient fandom activities through ‘Blip,’ such as checking Jeon So-mi’s schedule and Twitter, community, chart news, and various data at once.

‘Blip’ is a brand created for fans by Space Audit, a music startup, and operates a Blip app, market, and YouTube.

The Blip app is a ‘K-Pop fan assistant’ app that provides a service that helps K-Pop fans ‘love what they love more.’ Recently, it has been receiving tremendous love from K-pop fans by launching a diary ‘Fanlog’ function that can be linked to schedules.

In addition, with its release in 2020, it drew attention by winning first place in the Korea Creative Content Agency’s ICT Music Tech Support Project, Google Play in 2021, and the ‘Window Program’ hosted by the Small and Medium Business Venture Department.

Blip Market sells various fan items and albums that make fan activities convenient. In addition, Blip YouTube, a content production center of Deokzal Al, shows multiple content such as ‘Blah Blah,’ ‘Blip Data Lab,’ and ‘Question Prison.’

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