K-pop singer comes out as bisexual.

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A K-pop star from now-defunct girl band Wa$$up has come out as bisexual.

On July 15, Jiae posted a photo on Instagram of herself and another woman standing next to her closely, who were both mirrored on a window looking out at a night view of the city. The star left a one-liner comment with the photo, which, although not clear in meaning, mentioned “LG” and “BT,” a reference to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender sexual minorities.

She updated her Instagram account, July 18 with another comment that was reminiscent of her previous remark: “Let’s not hide our feelings. Let’s love. If you have to go to hell, I’ll go.”

Some of the comments to her latest Instagram remarks carried encouraging messages, praising her for her decision and offering her support.

As it turns out, this was not the first time that she has come out as a sexual minority. She announced through Instagram in January 2020, almost a year after Wa$$up disbanded, with the message: “I love men and…women. Can you understand?” and “I have a lovely girlfriend. So..! Happy.”

Her latest Instagram remarks put her into the spotlight following reports highlighting her sexual identity.

Jiae has responded to such public attention on Instagram, saying she was both “confounded and grateful.” She said it was unpleasant at first and wondered what kind of country she was living in, following all the fuss about a personal matter.

In the same post, she also expressed her wish to find a new agency to perform again as a musician. Jiae said she was grateful to have received a greater deal of attention recently than when she debuted with the group in 2013. She added she wishes to sing in an unbiased world and hopefully work for an agency that will accept her “genuine nature without prejudice.”

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