Busan City Completes Online Eurasia K-POP Dance Challenge

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The four-member girl group ‘New Nation’ in St. Petersburg, Russia, was selected as the final winner of the K-pop dance challenge that Busan City has been running for about two months.

The city of Busan announced on the 23rd that it had selected the final winner of ‘Let’s Busan Day,’ a non-face-to-face online Eurasia K-pop dance challenge that has been held for about two months since August with the Busan Foundation for International Affairs on the 23rd.

In the event where 98 teams from three countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, participated, 30 teams were selected to advance to the finals through preliminary rounds and real-time online popularity voting at home and abroad.

Through final online judging last October, Russia’s Saint Petersburg women’s four-member group ‘New Nation’ became the final winner.

New Nation will also appear on Arirang TV (Arirang International Broadcasting)’s K-pop regular program on the 26th.

In addition, a time to communicate and exchange with domestic idol groups through online fan meetings by appearing in ‘Simply K-Pop,’ a participatory concert broadcast where you can meet fans around the world through live performances (118 countries worldwide, watched by 113 million people) will also have

‘Simply K-Pop’ will be aired on November 26th and 27th at 1 pm on Arirang TV World Channel and Korea Channel, respectively.

Meanwhile, the ‘Eurasia Citizens’ Journey,’ which has been held since 2016 by Busan, is a citizen participation type public diplomacy event that promotes Busan through cultural, artistic, and people-to-people exchanges by visiting major cities in Eurasia. The Eurasia Citizens Campaign was held for the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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