K-pop fans raise $ 2.9 million to fund group albums.

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The fans of K-pop have again shown that they can achieve significant milestones when they unite for a common goal, but unfortunately, this project has failed.

The group IZ * ONE was a musical group with 12 female members that emerged from a competition program on South Korean television, Produce 48, in which aspiring K-pop artists ( trainees ) who had contracts with different entertainment agencies participated. From that country.

The collaborative girl group was hugely successful. Unfortunately, it was only scheduled to last a little over two years, a term that expired last April, so the group disbanded, and the idols returned to their original agencies.

The fans were so sad that they decided to take matters into their own hands and, in a desperate attempt, began to raise money that could be used for the group to release another album and stay together for a while longer, that is, to finance it by crowdfunding method.

The donation campaign reached unsuspected levels and has broken the record for this type of initiative in South Korea, managing to raise 2.9 million dollars in just over a month through the crowdfunding platform Wadiz.

Despite this, the project has failed because the agencies that manage the members’ careers have refused to continue participating in IZ * ONE because they all have individual activities planned for the rest of the year, as reported by Allkpop.

The company representing IZ * ONE, CJ ENM, confirmed this week that there would be no meeting of the girl group because the parties involved could not reach an agreement.

Previously, sources from the agencies had advanced that “1.8 million dollars would be enough to launch between 1 and 3 albums along with their respective promotions. However, the possibility of this being executed is zero because the members are already preparing for individual activities”.

It is not known what will happen to the almost 3 million dollars raised by the fans.

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