‘MONSTA X’ nominated for ‘Best K-POP’ category of US award ceremony ‘MTV VMA’ Will it rewrite its new global history?

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The boy group “MONSTA X” is developing and growing. According to the official Twitter account of ” MTV VMA (MTV Video Music Award)” on the 12th, “MONSTA X” is the title song “GAMBLER” produced by member Jooheon for the first time, and “Best K-POP ” of “2021 MTV VMA”. He was nominated for the “(Best K-POP)” category.

MONSTA X The music award ceremony “VMA,” which has been managed by MTV in the United States every year since 1984, is the “Grammy Award,” “American Music Awards (AMAs),” and ” Billboard. “

Along with “Music Awards (BBMA),” it is listed as one of the leading music awards ceremonies in the United States. It is hoped that “MONSTA X,” which has been nominated with so many Korean K-POP artists and has achieved remarkable results both in Japan and overseas, will be able to mark another new global history through “2021 MTV VMA”. Is sent.

“MONSTA X” also won the “Platinum Batch” in the Gaon certified album category for the mini-album “One Of A Kind.” Gaon Chart Platinum is a certification awarded when the album sales exceed 250,000 copies, and “MONSTA X” is the best through “One Of A Kind,” which includes the first title song, “GAMBLER” by Jooheon.

The initial record was updated. Even after the end of the activities of “GAMBLER,” “MONSTA X” has been receiving a lot of interest both in Korea and abroad. Recently, the American economic magazine “Forbes” wrote that “MONSTA X was on the 2021 billboard on the World Digital Song Sales Charts such as” GAMBLER, “Nobody Else, “Addicted, “and” Secrets. “

“Night View” and the other 16 tracks were ranked at the top of the chart. ” In particular, among the 16 tracks charted in Billboard’s “World Digital Song Sales” chart, Jooheon, Hyungwon, I. Many of M’s songs were ranked in, and he also proved the strong strength of the “three producers” who are steadily filling the album with the “MONSTA X style genre.”

“MONSTA X,” which has grown step by step since its debut, has begun to show its outstanding presence with the whole album “ALL ABOUT LUV” released in the United States last year. This album has entered the “Top 10” range of the Billboard chart seven times in total, from the 5th place on the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200”, and of course, “2020 K” of the American “TIME” magazine.

It was selected as “Pop’s representative songs and albums” and “2020’s best album 25” of the country’s entertainment media, “Pop Crush,” and it made me realize the explosive popularity all over the world. Not only the group but also IM’s solo results have achieved remarkable results. IM, which filled the previous song of the solo album “DUALITY” released in February, recorded No. 1 on the iTunes worldwide album chart every day from No. 1 on the pop album chart in 18 countries and regions. If you think about it, all five tracks have won 20% of Billboard’s worldwide digital song sales charts and have succeeded in evoking a tremendous response in his serious music world.

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