‘K-Pop God’ Kihyun, as a godbyeok musician and newcomer to Hyungwon & Jooheon’s ‘Idol Radio.’

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Kihyun, who made a successful solo debut with the title song ‘VOYAGER’, appeared in ‘Idol Radio Season 2′ yesterday (24th), where MONSTA X members’ Hyungwon & Jooheon’ are active as DJs.

Kihyun performed ‘VOYAGER’ live as the opening stage and showed the charm of a bold rookie to DJ Hyungwon & Jooheon, ‘Are you going to sit while singing? In response, Jill Sera, DJ Hyungwon & Jooheon broke into Kihyun’s live stage and stole the song ‘VOYAGER’, showing the senior’s discipline to welcome a new singer on the 10th day of his solo debut.

On this day, the TMI for Kihyun’s first solo album was held, and through the story behind his first challenge in writing lyrics through the songs on his solo album, he revealed his greed and pride for his music, and said, ‘Jooheon and Hyungwon on a music show. I was surprised when I came to cheer on, and it gave me strength,” he said in a warm TMI.

In addition, the chemistry of ‘Jooheon & Kihyun’, which covers songs of many girl groups including ‘Espa’, famous for the ‘Song Stealing’ combination, and ‘Hyungwon & Kihyun’ showing the chemistry between Tom and Jerry as ‘Conservative Brothers’ of the same age. A confrontation ensued. After a fierce battle over the penalty of ‘Kissing Ki-hyun’s crown’, Jin recorded a tie, and the three left a warm kiss on the top of the head.

In addition, ‘Conservative Brothers’, which had been disbanded at the age of 30, announced that they would regroup as ‘Let’s Show Brothers’ on this day’s broadcast and declared that the chemistry between Hyungwon and Kihyun would continue.

The God of K-Pop with a heavenly voice goes beyond K-Pop and even contains the rock spirit! Will be available as a replay and highlight on the NC Universe app at 12:00 noon on Friday, March 25th.

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