K-pop groups such as Twice and Monsta X resume their activities in the US.

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Following BTS, who performed in LA last month, several K-pop groups are resuming their activities in the United States, stalled for a while.

Let’s meet the groups that are at the forefront.

TWICE, the girl group that recently entered the Billboard main chart for four weeks in a row and showed global popularity!

The US performance, which is currently being prepared due to momentum, also hit a double slope as all seats were sold out.

TWICE was initially scheduled to perform in five cities in the United States from February next year, but the local response was hot to perform additional concerts in LA and New York next month.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X has already arrived in the United States and is meeting fans after about two years.

The group is the biggest year-end concert hosted by a famous radio station and various broadcast appearances announcing the second full-length American album released on the 10th.

They also participate in the ‘Jingle Ball Tour’ and are active alongside world-famous singers.

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