Songs Youth Culture House Goyang Innovation District Together Classroom Culture Arts K-POP Club Support 1st Semester I was Completed.

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The Goyang City Youth Foundation Seongsa Youth Culture House connects experts on vocal and dance K-POP, which are areas of interest among youth among Goyang-hyeong innovative education district projects promoted by Goyang-si, on a semester-by-semester basis. He announced that he had completed the first semester activities of ‘Classroom Together YOUTH-K,’ which also supports production.

Songs Youth Culture House has been carrying out various projects in culture and art, and in 2020, it hosted the ‘Online Dance Cover Festival Dance. God. Dance. King’ to support the production of dance cover videos for youth dance clubs in the city.

Jo Jung-Hyeon, director of Seongsa Youth Culture Center, said, “To improve the understanding of K-pop, enhance cultural and artistic competency, and even experience related careers by linking experts, rather than simply learning, about vocal and dance K-pop, which are the areas of interest of young people. We will do our best to run the classroom together for the second semester.’

The Songs Youth Culture House is located in the learning center for picking stars in Oullim Nuri, Deokyang-gu, and will serve as a community-based training facility such as running classrooms together, volunteering, and supporting youth clubs in the second semester of 2021, connecting the village and the youth.

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