K-Pop Radar Announces Artist of the Month in Metaverse ‘Ifland’

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‘K-Pop Radar,’ a K- pop fandom data observer of music startup Space Audi, announced ‘Artist of the Month’ and ‘Rookie of the Month’ with 100 fans through SKT metaverse ‘Ifland’ on the 19th. had

Since 2019, K-Pop Radar has selected and announced artists who have recorded remarkable growth by synthesizing fandom data, such as the increase in monthly music video views and the trend of increase in followers on official SNS.

SKT is anticipating the synergy of the metaverse in the entertainment industry and has started to support it, such as creating a dedicated space for the ‘K-pop radar’ within the metaverse service ‘Ifland.’ In the future, K-Pop Radar plans to release ‘Artist of the Month’ and ‘Rookie of the Month’ through the ‘K-Pop Radar Room’ in ‘Ifland’ every month and meet with fans.

At the first ‘K-Pop Radar Artist of the Month Presentation,’ Taeyeon took the honor of being selected as ‘Artist of the Month.’ Taeyeon’s ‘Weekend’ recorded another growth, surpassing 10 million views at speed 7.8 times faster than its predecessor. The number of individual Instagram followers increased by more than 280,000 in one month, and SNS indicators also showed remarkable growth, such as achieving a cumulative 16.72 million followers.

Taeyeon then appeared in the metaverse space and delivered a thank-you video to fans saying, “It’s been about 14 years since I’ve been active, but I’m still able to deliver good news to you thanks to the fans; of Sowon who love you.”

Next, the rookie group Just B was selected as ‘Rookie of the Month.’ Justice is a six-member boy group that debuted in June, and their debut song ‘DAMAGE’ surpassed 10 million views within 174 hours of release, achieving a record that is not like a rookie. In particular, at the ‘K-Pop Radar Artist of the Month Presentation,’ this time, Just B members Lim Ji-min and Gun-woo appeared as avatars and had a precious time with their fans.

Justin’s leader Lim Jimin said, “I think it’s more meaningful that JustB is the first start of the K-pop radar ‘Rookie of the Month.’ I will show you music and stage.” In addition, JustB’s Gunwoo added, “Thank you so much ONLY B (fandom name) for always supporting us, and I hope we can be together for a long time.”

K-Pop Radar is a free service opened by Space Audi so that you can grasp the size and change of K-Pop artists’ fandom at a glance. Current Bulletproof Boy Scouts, Exo, from idols, such as Black, Pink, singer-songwriter IU, Kim Dong-ryool band jannabi such a broad sense of Kpop Korea 641 real-time music video views, YouTube subscribers, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify followers of the team to the artist The amount of change is provided in the form of a website. Every year, the ‘K-Pop World Map’ is released by analyzing the global distribution of K-Pop fandom as data.

Meanwhile, in June of last year, Space Audi released a K-pop fandom app ‘Duckmate, Blip in my hand’ that solves the inconvenience of K-pop fans, and was selected as the No. are collecting In addition, following the official partnership with Twitter Korea, Space Audi’s K-pop radar is gradually expanding its influence by providing a dedicated space within the SKT metaverse.

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