Umkonhyup X Intellectual Property Office, ‘2021 Global K-Pop Conference Held’ K-Pop Industry Leading Combat.’

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The ‘2021 Global K-Pop Conference: K-Music Matters’ was held to discuss the future of the music industry with key players in the K-pop industry, including Hive, SM, YG, JYP, and three overseas direct distribution companies.

The ‘2021 Global K-Pop Conference: K-Music Matters’ was held on the 3rd, co-hosted by the Korea Music Contents Association (in the future referred to as the Umkon Association) and the Korean Intellectual Property Office and sponsored by Kakao Entertainment, Naver, Facebook Korea, Spotify Korea, and TikTok Korea.

The MCON Association and the Korean Intellectual Property Office are looking for the development direction of the K-pop industry at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas from 10 o’clock today, and holding ‘2021 Global K-Pop Conference: K-Music Matters’, a venue for policy recommendations on K-pop goods (MD) and publicity rights did.

This event, hosted by announcer Eun-young Park, included a ceremony to remove illegal goods, part 1 ‘K-pop intellectual property policy suggestion – protection of goods (MD) with K-pop artists’ and general discussion, part 2 ‘K-pop new media platform marketing strategy and It was divided into ‘cases.’

In the ceremony to remove illegal goods, Kim Chang-hwan, the Korea Music Content Association president. Kim Yong-Rae, president of the Korean Intellectual Property Office, Lee Cheol-Gyu, member of the National Assembly, girl group MOMOLAND, and boy group AB6IX (AB6IX) participated in the ceremony to show their will to get rid of illegal K-pop goods (MD).

“There are many events under the title of K-Pop, but I think it is the first time in history that the National Assembly and government officials, music production and distribution companies, direct distribution companies, and new media platforms gathered together,” said Kim Chang-hwan, chairman of the Macon Association. We will continue to send a message about this vital thing.”

In addition, Chairman Kim said, “I hope that it will be an opportunity to share the vision of the global public as well as what is the national support for the common goal of the music industry, the environment desired by the popular music industry,” and “This event will be a hot topic in the global music industry as well as K-pop. I hope it comes from,” he added.

Meanwhile, ‘2021 Global K-Pop Conference: K-Music Matters’ is a YouTube’ OK POP!! (OK Pop!!)’ channel and ‘Korea Intellectual Property Office’ channel, anyone can watch.

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