Pentatonix, the best Cappella group, releases a new song, ‘A Little Space,’ with global K-pop artist ATEEZ.

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The best a cappella group Pentatonix has partnered with global K-pop artist ATEEZ to release a new song, ‘A Little Space (feat. YUNHO, SAN, JONGHO of ATEEZ)’.

This new song is a remix song that reinterprets Pentatonix’s previously released song ‘A Little Space,’ which has recently surpassed 4.3 million streaming streams in ATEEZ’s style. Myeong participated in the singing and added the tone. The meeting between a global Cappella group and a global K-pop artist attracts domestic and international music fans.

Pentatonix is ​​an American Cappella group that is evaluated as ‘leading the global popularization of a cappella music. It adds a fantastic harmony to the outstanding skills of each member and is followed by the modifier of being the most famous a cappella group in the world.

Pentatonix has a splendid award-winning streak befitting its reputation. In addition to winning three Grammy awards earlier, the YouTube Music Awards ‘Artist of the Year’ and Streamy Awards’ ‘Best Cover Song’ etc. were awarded. As Pentatonix led the popularization of a cappella, this collaboration is also becoming a hot topic. It is a meeting between a cappella group and a K-pop artist.

ATEEZ, which joined hands with Pentatonix, debuted in 2018. With their striking visuals and splendid performances, they immediately captured the hearts of K-pop fans around the world, revealing a terrifying global rise.

As a result, it achieved many achievements at many year-end awards ceremonies last year. It proved its influence online worldwide, ranking 3rd in the ‘World’s Fastest Growing K-Pop Artist in 2020’ announced by Twitter.

In particular, in the category of ‘The Most Tweeted Musicians in the U.S. in 2020’, it received attention by being ranked in the TOP 5 along with world-class artists such as BTS and Beyonce. Recently, ATEEZ received the spotlight from Forbes by sweeping the U.S. Billboard World Digital Song Sale chart with a total of five songs in the first half of 2021. going out

The new song A Little Space (feat. YUNHO, SAN, JONGHO of ATEEZ)’ is a pre-release song from Pentatonix’s upcoming album [The Lucky One’s Deluxe Edition]. [The Lucky One’s Deluxe Edition] is a deluxe version of the album [The Lucky Ones] released in January and is expected to delight music fans around the world once again by adding richer and colorful charms than before.

‘A Little Space (feat. YUNHO, SAN, JONGHO of ATEEZ)’, a unique collaboration between a global Cappella group and a global K-pop artist, was released on August 20 and is currently available on all music streaming services.

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