K-pop SF9 floats teaser for upcoming Episode

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SF9 shared a prologue clip on Tuesday for its ninth EP, which will be released next month.

The video snippet for the EP, titled “Turn Over,” begins with a golden snake, a recurring character from the band’s previous EP. It slithers into the roots of a tree that symbolizes the universe, and the tree withers, losing its leaves and turning black. All-clad in black, the bandmates gaze up at the tree as the screen turns black and white.

The band’s ninth EP is the third and last installment of its “9lory” series, carrying on the narrative that started with its first full album, “First Collection.” The nonet will complete the story in the new EP, finding their path fighting against their tragic fate.

SF9 recently contended against other boy bands in “Kingdom: Legendary War.”

Leader Youngbin took to Naver’s V Live on Monday and hinted at what viewers could expect from the new music.

“I think the choreography is sophisticated, powerful, and sexy,” he said confidently.

BTS’ Japan LP sets record

BTS set another record in Japan with its best-of album, selling the most albums this year.

Its “BTS, the Best” sold more than 782,000 copies within a week of its release and became the most sold album in Japan in the first half of this year. According to the music company Oricon, it is the second-best showing in Japan for an international act, next only to Mariah Carey’s “#1’s” from 1998.

Previously, BTS’ “Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey” sold more than 564,000 copies, the highest number for a male international music act.

“BTS, the Best” consists of all 23 songs the band has released in Japan since its debut in 2017. It broke the weekly sales record on its release on June 16, with over 572,000 copies sold.

Lee Seung-Yoon plays their song.

Lee Seung-Yoon, the winner of a hit audition program, put forth a new song Tuesday.

Striking out on his own, Lee unveiled “Unspoken,” his first solo musical effort since he shot to fame on the show. Although he chose to go solo, his former band members took part in making the song, which features addictive guitar riffs and refreshing band sounds.

“I’ve said so many times in countless interviews that I want to reappear as a singer/songwriter. Although it has been pushed back a little, I really will,” he said, adding that he had just begun.

The new song was made public in 2016, only to be pulled down last year. He cherished the music and thus wanted to put out an upgraded version, said the singer.

The song was the work of four musicians, he explained and would be the start of four or more branches of music.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to release summer song

Kyuhyun of Super Junior is putting out a new single on July 5.

The summer song, “Together,” is part of his ongoing “2021 Project: Season,” which started in July last year. The vocalist has been releasing songs that go well with each season, from last summer’s “Dreaming” to this spring’s “Coffee.”

He again teamed up with songwriter Kenzie, who wrote “Coffee” as well as the main tracks from both of his solo EPs, “At Gwanghwamun” and “A Million Pieces.”

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