Space Cloud to hold ‘4th Cover Week’ for K-pop cover dance groups

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Space sharing platform Space Cloud will hold the’ 4th CoverWeek’ online festival for K-POP cover dance groups.

Participation in the 4th Cover Week can be requested on the official Space Cloud Cover Week event until midnight on the 15th. After that, online voting will continue for about two weeks, from the 17th to the 31st.

Cover Week is an online event where content videos shot by directly covering K-POP dance videos are shared on the Space Cloud channel. About 1,200 dance creators have participated in Cover Week since the first start in 2019 so far. Anyone from an individual to a group can join if the cover dance video is released.

The practice room, the representative type of Space Cloud, has grown with the dance groups participating in Cover Week. As the fastest-growing type of space, there are currently about 6,300 practice rooms shared through Space Cloud nationwide.

Among them, the use of the dance practice room accounts for a high proportion, accounting for an average of 50% or more of the total practice room transactions. The number of reservations in the first half of 2021 increased by 150% compared to the same year last year as the number of single-person use increased relatively due to the coronavirus.

According to the platform, this growth of the practice room is the background for Cover Week to become Space Cloud’s representative online event. The culture of covering the dances of K-pop artists, sharing them on social media, and enjoying content has already become a trend for the MZ generation.

In the case of ‘Artbeat,’ a video production team specializing in cover dance, it has rapidly grown from 160,000 subscribers in 2018 to a channel loved by 3.55 million subscribers as of 2021. In addition, Diana, who communicates with subscribers through cover dance videos while working as a dance team, More Dance Youth, who has grown into a representative K-dance channel by running a dance academy, Dunse, a university dance club that actively communicates with people in their twenties, cover dance with their sisters The popularity of channels with cover dance as the main content, such as the non-major sisters who are famous for the track, continues to grow.

Space Cloud is constantly holding Cover Week around the summer to connect the cover dance craze, which has been established as a culture, with the culture of using practice rooms throughout the neighborhood. In particular, street fashion brand D’AUSPICE will participate as a sole affiliate for this cover week.

Space Cloud conveyed the purpose of the event, saying, “We hope that the event will be more known to the various dance communities through partnership with D.O.Spe and that the dancers who make the city lively enjoy Cover Week.”

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