Kingdom to appear in Mexico’s ‘K-POP Cover Dance Festival’! Invitation to ‘Special Judge’

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Kingdom invited K-pop to Mexico as a representative of K-pop and made Korea and Hanbok widely known. GF Entertainment, the agency of the group kingdom, said, “Kingdom (KINGDOM, Jahan, Ivan, Arthur, Dan, Louie, Mujin) established diplomatic relations with Korea on the 1st.

I was invited as a special judge to the ‘K-Pop Cover Dance Festival in Mexico’ held to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico and the 10th anniversary of the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico.”

I reached its climax with the Kingdom’s celebratory performance. In addition, Kingdom appeared on EXA, a radio program of Mexican broadcaster MVS, wearing a hanbok (yongpo), the costume of the 4th mini album, and attracted a lot of attention from the public. It is the world’s first and largest K-pop online and offline Hallyu fan communication program.

It is a K-pop campaign that contributes to the continuous spread of Hallyu culture and aims to communicate and empathize with Hallyu fans. It is hosted by the Seoul Newspaper and the Korean Cultural Center, and is hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea Entertainment Producers Association, Korea Music Performers Association, Seoul Tourism Foundation, New Era, All K-Pop, and Pentacle sponsored.

Kingdom debuted in February last year with the 1st mini album ‘History of Kingdom: Part 1, Arthur’, and recently completed the activities of the 4th mini album ‘History of Kingdom: Part 4. Dan’ successfully to global fans. is much loved by

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