The establishment of ‘The k-Pop Military Academy’ begins in earnest.

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The establishment of the ‘K-Pop Academy,’ one of the representative promises of Ulsan City’s cultural and artistic field, will begin in earnest during the 8th popular election. It is scheduled to be established on the former Jungbu Fire Station site in Seongnam-dong, Jung-gu.

Suppose a youth culture space is created in this area centered on the K-Pop Military Academy. In that case, it will become a ‘Youth Cultural Zone’ in connection with the ‘Youth Complex Shopping Mall,’ which is scheduled to be built on the former site of the Samsan-dong Agricultural and Fisheries Wholesale Market in Nam-gu. It is planned to create

On the 12th, the city ordered a ‘research service to establish a basic plan for establishing and operating the K-pop military academy.

The K-Pop Military Academy is promoting this service as the need to foster K-Contents has emerged in the region as the influence of the Korean Wave is expanding due to the global popularity of Korean content in music, drama, and film, a promise by Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom. The city explained.

In addition, through this service, the city plans to develop K-Pop talent and seek ways to organize and operate facilities as a cultural space that citizens and youth can enjoy.

The detailed tasks include △K-pop market analysis and basic research on K-pop-centered pop culture and arts industry △Collection of data such as K-pop and pop culture and arts education facilities and educational contents △Research on local characteristics and resources such as Ulsan’s social environment △Related fields Consultation with experts, workers, and educational institutions, and the process of collecting public opinion among workers in the Ulsan area, △ Analysis of the feasibility of the K-Pop Military Academy and setting up an operating model △ Establishing a reasonable and practical plan for the installation and operation of K-Pop Military Academy facilities.

The site of the former Jungbu Fire Station in Seongnam-dong, Jung-gu, has been mentioned early as a location for the establishment of the K-Pop Military Academy since the time of the transition committee before the inauguration of the 8th popular election.

The construction of the site was scheduled to begin for establishing the ‘Manufacturing Service Convergence Small Ventures Knowledge Industry Center and Youth Culture Center’ during the 7th popular election. Still, soon after Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom’s election, the K-Pop Military Academy was a promise made by the manufacturing service convergence small and medium venture knowledge industry center. However, the business was changed abruptly with the establishment of the military academy while ordering the suspension of business promotion.

A city official said, “We plan to attract a branch of a famous agency to the K-Pop Academy in the future.

In the midst of this, the city plans to interconnect the youth complex shopping mall, which is scheduled to be built on the former site of the agricultural and fishery product wholesale market in Samsan-dong, Nam-gu, and the Seongnam-dong K-Pop Military Academy and Youth Culture Center.

It was announced that the site to be relocated to the agricultural and fishery product wholesale market was to build a 60-story high-rise global energy business center during the 7th popular election. Furthermore, it was decided to integrate energy-related companies and institutions and establish a price information provider and exchange to foster the energy trading industry. However, as soon as the 8th popular election was launched, Mayor Kim immediately abolished this plan and changed the plan to build a ‘youth complex shopping mall.’

A city official said, “If local youths can enjoy culture and arts center at the K-Pop Military Academy and Youth Culture Center in Jung-gu, and the youth shopping mall in Samsan-dong, Nam-gu, where young people can enjoy shopping, these two places will be interconnected. It will become a kind of ‘youth culture special zone,'” he said.

He added, “In the meantime, if one of the key promises in the 8th popular culture and arts field, a world-class performance hall on the Taehwa River,’ is built, wouldn’t it be reborn as a so-called ‘young people’s paradise?”

The project to build a world-class concert hall on the Taehwa River started on the 6th through a service order.

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