Korea-US joint planning, K-Pop Super Concert. to be held in Saipan for two days

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The largest K-pop super concert in Saipan is being prepared in solidarity between Korea and the United States to play the role of cultural exchange.

The venue will be held in the centre of Saipan, ‘Saipan Oleai Sports Complex’, under the name of ‘US-KOREA FRIENDSHIP K-POP CONCERT’ for two days, Friday, October 28th and Saturday, 29th.

This is the moment when the results of Korea’s continuous efforts to lead the global K-pop culture that continues BTS and Blackpink by continuously developing Hallyu cultural content and discovering artists. However, simultaneously, the world has stopped all daily life due to ‘Corona 19’.

This Hallyu concert marks the beginning of a mutual cultural exchange between Korea and the United States with a breathtaking stage of about 120 minutes of rising Korean K-pop stars.

The cast will be ‘Must Be, Dustin, Mega Max, Ambition’, including MC Lindsey, and more than 100 staff and technical teams will present the best stage.

This Hallyu concert will be held free of charge and will present the best stage with various Korean performances and K-pop. Events such as fan meetings and autographs will provide beautiful memories to local fans.

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