Silicon 2 and Hanteo Global to start full-fledged K-pop global business

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Silicon 2, the company that operates, a global Hallyu product sales platform, diversifies its business to sell K-Pop products following K-Beauty and K-Food.

Silicon 2 signed a contract to secure up to a 15% stake in Hanteo Global. This company enhanced the value of the K-pop industry with extensive data on February 28 and operated the world’s first and only real-time music chart, Hanteo Chart, in Korea. Said.

Through the cooperation, Silicon 2 has established a bridgehead for global commerce business related to K-Pop products such as albums and goods. Became possible The two companies are expected to create mega synergies through joint marketing of K-beauty and K-pop and unification of sales networks and accelerate overseas localization projects based on the commonalities in global businesses they have been preparing for Corona period.

Hanteo Global is a company with the world’s most extensive K-Pop metadata. It is a company that collects and analyzes K-Pop-related big data such as albums, music sources, social charts, and authentication data behavior data of global fandoms. The collected data is connected to Hanteo Chart – Hanteo News – Whosfan, forming a global K-pop fandom platform with over 15 million users worldwide and an average monthly MAU of 1.5 million. In particular, the link between the nearly 7 million Whosfan app members and the Style Korean sales platform is expected to satisfy global fans interested in Hallyu culture and products, creating explosive synergy between the two companies.

Silicon 2 will also introduce various K-Beauty products to global members of Hanteo Global’s Whosfan app. The K-Beauty brand will have a new channel to introduce its products to fans interested in Hallyu. K-Pop albums and goods will be presented and sold through Style Korean’s advanced global sales network. Through this, the distribution of Hallyu products such as K-Beauty and K-Pop is expected to develop to a stable and sustainable level in the worldwide market.

A Silicon2 official said, “Silicon2 is not only the ability to buy overseas through, but also the overseas branch capabilities of Silicon2 in the US, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Chile. The marketing capabilities have grown through K-Beauty, and 20 years of experience. We will do our best to make it easier and faster for customers who love K-Pop worldwide to purchase and enjoy K-Pop-related products by mobilizing our accumulated logistics and customs know-how.”

In addition, “We plan to conduct business from various angles through continuous collaboration, and the big data possessed by Hanteo Global and the marketing, distribution, and logistics know-how of Silicon 2 and its global fandom members will create positive synergy, creating an It will grow into a platform where you can experience the trends of K-Pop and K-Beauty in one place.”

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