Rookie The Wind, part of a performance in the ‘K-Pop Generation’ pre-release

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Even before their debut, the rookie idol group The Wind foreshadowed a refreshing and sharp group dance.

The Wind (Shin Jae-won, Kim Hee-soo, Tanaton, Choi Han-bin, Park Ha-yu-chan, Ahn Chan-won, Jang Hyun-joon) made a surprise appearance in the Teabing original documentary ‘K-Pop Generation’ released on the 30th.

In the 7th episode, ‘Make You Move,’ which contains everything about ‘music you see,’ The Wind devoted himself to practicing performance with a choreographer before his debut. You can feel the passion and energy of The Wind sweating hard to complete K-POP’s quintessential knife-like choreography just by watching the video.

Point choreography, such as using fingers or extending arms wide, was slightly revealed, raising expectations for The Wind’s refreshing full performance.

Leader Shin Jae-won said, “When I first saw Xian, I thought he would be cool and fun. (Practicing the choreography) is difficult because many parts give strength, but it is fun to match because there are many synchronized dances.”

The Wind is the first boy group of Withus Entertainment and consists of seven boys with visuals, skills, personalities, charms, and personalities. Like a gust of Wind that changes shape depending on the season, we plan to deliver the many healing people need.

The Wind will debut this spring with the release of their first mini-album, ‘Beginning: The Wind Page.’

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