Launch of K-POP Festival World Federation

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On the 31st, the inaugural ceremony of the K-Pop Festival World Federation (Chairman: Ki-Hwa Park) was held at the K-Pop Supporters Group Training Center in Daechi-dong.

Established to pioneer the global market through the K-pop industry, the federation announced it would use collaboration with experts in various related fields as a growth engine through its future vision.

K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Movie, K-Food, K-Fashion, K-Beauty, K-Tour, etc., are meaningful in promoting the creation of additional revenue targeting a series of K-Pop fan bases for global K-Pop consumers. Hanbok designers Executive Chairman Kim Gwang-ja (CEO of Good Day Dazzling) expressed his ambition to create a synergistic effect with K-pop in K-beauty and K-fashion through design that allows people around the world to access Korea’s unique hanbok easily.

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