Conan & FBI & Police VS Black Organization! Three posters of ‘Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow’ featuring a total of 20 characters

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Three poster visuals of the latest movie series of the national anime “Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow (Submarine)” are unveiled. A total of 20 characters gather together, foreshadowing an all-out war between Conan, the FBI, the police, and the black organization.

The original manga by Mr. Gosho Aoyama has recorded 270 million copies worldwide with 102 volumes already published, and the TV anime series has surpassed 1000 broadcasts .”

The 25th movie,” Detective Conan Halloween Bride,” released in April, was also a big hit, exceeding 9.78 billion yen in box office revenue, including revival screenings, and “Detective Conan” was released in 2019. Fist of Blue Sapphire” (box office revenue of 9.37 billion yen), making it the No. 1 movie series in history. In addition, the cumulative box office revenue of all 25 theatrical versions has exceeded 100 billion yen.

The stage of this 26th movie version is “Pacific Buoy,” a marine facility for connecting security cameras owned by police worldwide, located in the waters near Hachijojima, Tokyo. An incident occurs where a black organization kidnaps a female engineer.

In addition, Pinga, a member of a new organization in black, who is rumored to be a close aide of Ram, the organization’s No. 2, has also begun to move. Under Ai Haibara (Shiho Miyano / organization in black, Sherry), A black shadow creeps in. Kazuki Sawamura participates as a guest voice actor and plays the voice of Yosuke Makino, the director of “Pacific V.”

This poster visual is the first trial in the movie version series, and it is a special version consisting of two posters. In “Conan SIDE,” in addition to Conan with a dignified expression and anxious Haibara, Ran, Kogoro, “Boy Detectives,” Dr. Agasa, the Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigation Division manager, Hyoe Kuroda, and an FBI investigator.

The figure of Shuichi Akai, an FBI agent who has infiltrated Jodi and the Black Organization as Rai (Graduate student, Subaru Okiya, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo). To protect Haibara from the black organization, the detective, the FBI, and the police team have gathered their strengths to create a visual that confronts them.

On the other hand, in “Black Side,” members of the black organization gather. In addition to gin with a terrifying expression, bourbon (private detective Toru Amuro / public security police Rei Furuya), vodka, vermouth, keel (CIA agent Emi Hondo), Chianti, and Corn, In the theatrical version series, the top executive Ram, who will be a full-fledged first participation in the series, is cut out and has a fearless smile. Pinga is also behind Jin. “The sorrowful past that emerges (secret memory).

The desire to protect it gathers-” “When the sinking truth is revealed, the black shadows gather-” is implied. In addition, the “single ver.”, which summarizes the two visuals, has a finish that symbolizes the ocean summit decisive battle (Ocean Battle Royale). Posters will be posted at theaters nationwide from February 3.

Advance tickets will go on sale at theaters from March 3, and 150,000 people nationwide will receive an original transparent file limited to the theater as a gift (one clear file per advance ticket). The clear file has a teaser visual handwritten by Mr. Aoyama and a condensed visual of the two main visuals printed on both sides.

“Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow (Submarine) “will be released nationwide on April 14.

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